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Transactional Emails

Transactional emails: Amazing guide with 4 extra tips

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If you have an online business, an email will be at the heart of it as sending e-tickets, accounts statements, purchase confirmation, or password reset transaction emails are often the most critical yet neglected part of your business.

It’s very common that all the owners of the business put their efforts into every promotion, spend a huge amount of money, do the A/B testing and analysis to improve the performance with high efficiency still, transactional emails can bring a double of click-through rate.

How to Build an effective Transactional Emails to make sure that subscribers open and scan from top to bottom:

  • What are transactional emails?
  • Do you know the right time to send a transactional email?
  • Email Design
  • Email Content
  • General tips for specific transactional emails
  • Final Thoughts

Let us get in detail about the transactional email and create the right transactional email that can convert.

What do you know about transactional emails?

A transactional email or trigger email is an email activated by someone’s action or possible even inaction, but this is different from mass email blasts and drip campaigns.

Transactional emails are for mass audiences, but they are unique to each person and the action they performed. These emails act as an acknowledgement or response to a customer taking the first steps to interact with your business.

Most of the time, this refers to a financial transaction like a purchase on your online store. But, it is not the end for transactional email; instead, used for various ways.  

A quick note about these emails is that you don’t need to have people signed up on your email list to send them a transactional email. The customer interacting with you first sending a transactional email isn’t considered spamming. 

Password Reset – Transactional Email

Do you send a transactional email at the right time to the right customer?

You must be knowing that if the emails are not sent at the right time to the right customer then they might be getting irritated and nervous. So, it’s important to know when to send a transactional email to maintain their trust into your brand.

  • After your purchases made
  • Someone left an item in the cart
  • When you want someone to rate a product which they just recently purchased 
  • Password reset email after forgetting your password
  • Receive an email as a notification after posting a picture on Facebook
  • A thank-you email after signing up for a service or requesting support 

Here are some tips for your transactional emails which can help to bring customer attention to your email

  • Email Design 
  • Email Content 

Come, let’s go in-depth of all the tips;

1.    Email Design

Creating a proper email design can help you deliver email to the right audience at the right time. Every business tries to bring a presentable email which can attract the audience’s attention. Let’s have a look at some essential tips to create a proper design;

  • Make an overall, organized message. Use lists, headlines and paragraphs, particularly when you make plain content versions. Appropriate formatting is the way to success.
  • Separation the format into several horizontal sections to efficiently accommodate all the information. Try to use any useful email platform software as it is not difficult. The online developer allows you to make newsletters step by step with all the sections built skilfully and carefully.
  • Try to make calls which can be actionable. Bring up some bright and catchy buttons with a larger size placed at the lower left part of the page. If you are going with plain text email with no proper design, then use a simple blue link that clients are familiar with seeing.
  • It’s always useful in using graphics to convey the message. This is very important for emails that include on boarding. Keep in mind that putting GIFs and playfulness items in the emails can give an incredible experience.
  • Incorporate branding. All your email newsletters ought to line up with brand identity.
  • Focusing on mobile layout. It is essential to look into the mobile format as most of the audience use mobiles for opening their emails. Always try to make an email template which will fit and look good at every device.

2.    Email Content 

Playing with your Content can turn shopping cart abandon notifications into a purchase using coupons or special offers. Always remember that Content is the ruler when it comes to transactional emails.

Let’s have a look at some essential tips to create a proper design;

  • Build Metadata for subject and information. Try to avoid clichés in the Content and come-up with some unique and as personal as possible.
  • Never put phrases like no-reply, info, or alert. These are of no use now and bring boredom.
  • Put the information which the customers are looking for.
  • Whenever there is a registration, always provide the users with credentials which they need.
  • Don’t put Dear customers instead try to make it personalized. Always put the subscriber’s name and if you are giving any support or feedback, then add a link for chat and email.
  • Try to avoid date and time from your email as they can be irrelevant. But if it is necessary then always go with the exact time and day.
  • When you will be sending Welcome emails to your subscribers then put some links which are helpful.
  • Use links which can take the customer to their desired site. Always avoid links on the homepage and login page. Putting links in the right place can help the subscribers in many ways.
  • Some more tips which are to be kept in mind before making changes in your transactional emails;
  • Try to make the transactional email into two-way communication. Never skip any queries or doubts about our customers.
  • Transactional emails are not made for too many pictures; instead, it will go with the promotional emails. Put less and relevant images.
  • Always make changes in your emails by re-visiting your email. Never forget to change the offers which are required form your emails.
  • There should be a proper alignment of brand identity, and if you make any changes, it should also be done on your emails.
  • Create a balance between plain text and rich media versions.

Some general tips which can help you for specific transactional emails.  

  • When you will be building a welcome email then try to put as much information as possible. Give all your relevant links, why they should join us, what benefits they can get, and many more
  • When you will be dealing with a Reset Password then get into business and provide links which are needed for login. Moreover, you can put your special offers and discounts on this page.
  • During new comment notification you have to put personal information and links of the current and hot topics for discussion.
  • When you will send an email which is related to shopping cart abandonment then put the product, total price, taxes, etc. Plus, you can put your special offers, discounts and referral codes for promotion.
Post Purchase – Transactional Email

Final Thoughts

Transactional emails are the machine-oriented emails that keep your business and platform run effectively and efficiently.

They are crucial for each online service, which can be a blog page or e-commerce as we all know that we have countless approaches to connect with our customers but transactional emails are the best and prosperous from all.

Utilize this for your benefit of business over promotional emails and convert your customers into profit.

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