11 Most Effective eCommerce Email Marketing Examples

In the aftermath of the pandemic, it's no surprise that eCommerce has been booming. We're in a digital world and competition is high! If you want to nail your email marketing go through our list of all of the best practices possible for eCommerce email marketers.

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In the past few years, eCommerce email marketing has come a long way. It’s no longer about blasting out your latest sale to customers and hoping for the best. It is more important that they never unsubscribe from future messages by opening up a time that doesn’t align with their interests or needs.

The most effective way of doing this is to ensure there are no gaps in timing. When sending out these emails so as to keep customer loyalty for years down the road.

But these 11 email marketing campaigns are the most effective eCommerce email list for eCommerce email marketing agencies which we’ve pulled from our archives.

These will help you boost engagement with your audience. And increase conversion rates while still retaining customer loyalty. So if you’re looking for ways to improve your eCommerce business’ success online, read on!

11 of The Best Emails That Work For the eCommerce Industry

Welcome Email

Make your welcome emails more original & personal to stand out and be simple enough to attract a bigger number of subscribers. For your first impression, you only have one good chance. If the welcome email isn’t engaging enough, they won’t open any more of your emails in fear that each will be as dull and uninteresting.

Welcome Email | Source: www.collection.optimite.net

Curation Email

Curated content is the way of emailing for eCommerce marketers and potential buyers alike. Curating a list with both instant classics as well as items you think should be on someone else’s wishlist. Can help to make your emails stand out in a crowded inbox!

It allows subscribers to choose what they want to learn more about. But there’s another reason why curation is effective. It lets email marketers segment recipients based on interest. And capitalize on an individual’s specific needs by focusing marketing efforts in a targeted manner. Which leads them down their buyer journey.

Curated Email | Source:

Engagement Email

How does an e-commerce email campaign’s engagement plan benefit your company? It can encourage customers to buy more often, generate more revenue for the business through every click and sale.

This is because these emails provide a sense of urgency. By letting recipients know about sales or coupon offers that are only available for a limited time. Plus they create customer loyalty.

Engagement Email | Source:

Referral Email

The referral email is a unique way to increase your presence on various channels by incentivizing customer referrals. When customers refer other shoppers who then make purchases. You both receive more benefits from the sale and can use this information for future marketing strategies. This type of strategy has been proved effective in increasing revenue for eCommerce agencies. Through increased traffic to websites as well as better conversion rates. 

Referral Email | Source:

Discount Email

Discount emails are one of the most effective strategies for eCommerce email marketing. 

Discounts reach both people who already have a strong interest in your products, as well as those on the fence about making an order. People with active shopping carts will be more likely to convert if you give them something extra through their inbox!

Discount Email | Source:

Cart Abandonment Email

Cart abandonment has become a popular strategy for eCommerce email marketing. By not following up on abandoned carts that often. And by giving customers another reason they need your product or service in the first place. You may be able to convert an estimated 30% of those existing visitors into repeat buyers.

In fact, this technique can lead to increased conversion rates that are as high as 3x more than when using pure retargeting strategies alone!

Cart Abandonment Email | Source:

Order Confirmation Email

A confirmation email is an excellent way to keep customers happy and on the same page. Customers appreciate the peace of mind they get from a confirmation email. knowing that their sale has been processed successfully or will be arriving soon. By including information in your eCommerce email marketing automation, like estimated arrival time as well as tracking numbers in your emails. You can make it easier for buyers to never have to leave your site for any reason!

Order Confirmation Email | Source:

Upsell Email 

You might already know about the importance of upselling in retail and brick-and-mortar stores. But it can be as effective for your eCommerce store. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a product or an experience – customers will always want more than they originally wanted to buy!

Upsell Email | Source:

Win-Back Email

The win-back email is the best email campaign for eCommerce businesses. An effective way to reach out and re-engage inactive customers. The strategy’s goal is to get them back into your store as soon as possible because they are not only valuable but in a sense ‘stranded’.

Make sure you do not come across as desperate or spammy with the emails. Instead, make it personal while still maintaining professionalism. And don’t forget to remind them of their previous purchase experiences!

Win-Back Email | Source:

Survey Email

What’s your opinion? Surveys can be used to give customers a voice in deciding what new products they should sell. Or how much their purchase price will get reduced if it doesn’t arrive on time. These interactive messages increase engagement. By giving people something concrete and meaningful that they have control over!

Survey Email | Source:

Thank You Email

Thank you messages not only make recipients feel appreciated, but they also ease concerns over security or fraud. Because these are personalized notes from company representatives thanking customers for their business.

Thank You Email | Source:


The 11 email campaigns listed above are some of the best examples in their category. Proving that you can use them to successfully engage customers and drive sales. While effective emails have a wide range of uses. These tips will help get your business started on an eCommerce marketing campaign strategy from day one.

If you need help setting up or optimizing any type of email template for your company’s needs, contact us at Optimite today! We are here to help you with your email marketing needs. We are experts when it comes to handling all aspects of your online eCommerce campaigns – from design work through development so you don’t miss out on potential revenue opportunities! 

Let us know if we can be of service and together we will create an effective email marketing strategy for your eCommerce business.

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