7 Effective Tips On Cross-Selling Emails And Up-Selling Emails

Have you ever tried to sell more to your customers? I guess you did. This is where you enter into cross-selling emails! Companies use this strategy to upsell and get anyone to pick some more add-ons.

Your sales executive mainly takes conversions. Not just them, but your marketing manager and customer relationship managers also play a primary role in conversions. So, once a prospective customer gets converted into a buyer, then the only thing that matters is making him sell more and retain it.

Let us understand in detail about up-selling and cross-selling emails.

You check for mobile phones online and finally purchased one. In 24hrs you will be getting an email that will thank you for the purchase and try to show and give the best deals on the mobile accessories.

What is Up-selling?

Upselling is a marketing strategy where you sell a product to your customer, which will be adding to the expense of primary purchase. Just like the mobile phone and its accessories.

Which one are the best way in email marketing- Upselling or Cross-selling emails?

I guess, Emails are out of options in terms of the product page, checkout page, or the thank you page. The reasons behind – Emails are personalized, automated, and deployed at the right time to the right customer. Moreover, we can use triggered emails on customer activities over the internet.

When we start giving any suggestions to our customers, Upselling and Cross-Selling emails will have a positive outcome. Obviously, if they have purchased something from your website, they are ready to listen and show interest in you.

It is seen that the companies earn $0.25 extra amount as revenue from digital receipts sent with upselling or cross-selling emails suggestions.

Have your ever thought of Combining Post-Purchase emails and recommendations with upselling and cross-selling Emails?

It will have a two-sided benefit; one will increase the customer experience, and second, it will help increase your revenue and ROI. Also, it is seen that the conversation for a new customer is around 1%, whereas if we take the existing customer, then it is 9%.

Start trying to focus on existing customers. With the help of cross-selling and up-selling, you can increase your company’s value by 40% and customer retention by 20%.

Advantages of Up-selling and Cross-selling marketing strategy

  • Improve the average order value and increase the company’s profit.
  • Increases customer loyalty to the company’s product and services.
  • It will make the customer aware of your new products and services.
  • Reduces customer acquisition cost.

Tips to Cross-Sell and Upsell Through Post-Purchase Emails

Get the correct product and service

Never fail in showing relevance as it is crucial in cross-selling and up-selling. Suppose a customer bought a car from your store, try to come up with other products to cross-sell him. Use the product benefits in such a way that it can influence your customer and make him buy.

Start using predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence in your business to make your cross-selling into a successful strategy.

Moreover, you can go for the upselling and show him a better option with a higher value and price. If he has come with his mind of buying a particular car, try to buy the car accessories.

You can give him a free trial or free ride of the car’s better model to make him feel the value and comfort that can also influence him to buy the car’s best model.

Personalize the recommendations

If you know about your customer’s interest and the purchase history, you can easily make a sale. Start recommending purchases for your customers by using their first name as it will make them feel special.

Using the past interaction with your customer and try to personalize your up-selling and cross-selling emails. Let us take an example of a digital marketing agency where you are providing digital marketing service to your customer; while doing so, try to suggest to them some more advanced courses and guest blogging services by upselling or cross-selling emails.

Get the right word

Never upset your customers by using the wrong words as words have a huge importance in humans, and it plays a role in making conversions for your business. Try to use some influencing and powerful words when you send upselling and cross-selling emails to your customers.

Your influencing email should make them understand that they will lose if not taken the recommendations from you. Put pictures or videos to make your email more attractive, and you can easily win any customer.

Incentivize the customer

When you are sending a post-purchase email, add some coupon codes or offers along with your products which you are going to upsell or cross-sell.

Give some $7 discount on the accessories when they buy a mobile phone from you. This will make them feel like buying extra products.

Also, you can go for referral marketing in your post-purchase emails or just let the customer redeem their points to make the purchase.

Build a Sense Of Urgency

Start using words like “Hurry”, “Limited-time offer”, or “Sale ends today” to draw the attention of your customers. It can easily work on the customers who already brought from you as they trust your products. So, it would be best if you started focusing on existing customers rather than acquiring a new customer.

Never Forget Social Proof

Put some evidence, testimonials, or customer reviews about the product which your customer are looking at. This will put peer pressure on the customer’s mind and build trust with confidence in your brands.

Time The Email Right

I recently ordered food online. Before receiving my order, I got an email that said Thank You for purchasing from their website and gave me some options like editing the order details or purchasing more items into my cart.

This is what winning upselling and cross-selling emails looks like. This happens with the automation in their system that gives your customers a choice whenever they go for any purchase from your website.

Wrapping Up

You have to look for the customers to whom you want to cater and set your marketing goals for using cross-selling and up-selling strategies to increase the ROI of the company.

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