7 Tactics For Effective Email Marketing To Increase Your Blog Followers

Have you ever seen the famous line “If your website is like your home, your blog is like the front porch” from the book “Why Blog?” But what does it mean? It means that the front porch is used by anyone, and so the blog. If you want to get high conversions and build brand awareness, blogging is the most effective email marketing. By this, you can show your leadership and your brand value. 

But suppose you have the best blog with amazing insights, but no one is reading. This will bring a waste of time and energy! 

Now we will be showing you various ways to draw your customers’ attention and drive more traffic. 

Email marketing is the best way to promote your blog and bring the attention of your visitors. Let me show you how!

Building lead Magnets 

Point out your email subscribers and then grow your blog with the help of email marketing. And it is done through lead magnets. A lead magnet will influence any customer to share their email address and other personal details. This lead magnet will help any business to generate leads and find fresh customers. 

Check for OptinMonster. 

They give two choices for the visitors by which they can extract their email addresses. 

You will get one as a resource lead magnet and the second as an incentive-based lead magnet. 

In both these cases, they will be getting something in return in which they have an interest, and for that, they have to share their email address. When they try to download, they will land on a page where they share their email address and personal details. 

Sign-up for blog updates

Your readers will love to get updated with relevant topics and content in which they have an interest. Once the visitor gets the invitation and sign-up for your newsletter, they will be updating blogs and recent resources that your company publishes. 

This will help in bringing higher traffic to your page, and visitors will be regular. It will later increase your SEO ranking and boost your business. 

Many web pages have added a new tab for email updates. This will take the readers to a subscription page where they have to put their email address and personal details and choose the pack as per their needs. This method of email marketing is used by most marketers.

Promotion of blog by Email Newsletter 

Your readers don’t have time always to check whether you have posted a new blog or not. So, how can you make them aware of your blog? This can be done by email newsletter.

As per the email frequency, try to notify them about your blog or post which you have posted on your website. 

Use some amazing visuals which can make emails appealing and attractive. Also, you can go for some small snippet highlights on your blog. This will pull them towards your blog page. 


Repurpose Your Blog Posts as Emails

Currently, big marketers are sending some long snippets of their posts in the email newsletter. If you want to opt for this method, track all the effective and performing blogs from Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Try to send your popular post once a week, with a highlight “Read more”. This read more option will bring them to your main blog page. 

Organize Events and give incentives through Email Marketing

Start organizing a contest with some incentives on social media, as this will create interest among the readers, and your brand image will increase. It might happen when your business is not made to give incentives or start any contest. For them, they can go for referral marketing campaigns. This will bring some new people to your email list. 

If you put an incentive into your contest, it will have high participation. Start giving them exciting coupons and deals to influence them. 

Put the blog into Social Links and Email Signature

It may be possible that your customer is not aware of your blog. To ensure that all the customers know about your blog post, you must put your blog link into social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more and make your email marketing effective.

This will not only make them aware of your blog post, but they can check your social page and know how active you are in social media. 

But if you a freelancer or just started your business, you should add your blog link to your email signature. You can make your email signature link “Get some great email marketing insights”. This will help them to grow their business and bring a present to the customers. 

Email Signature

Use RSS Feed

If your readers subscribe to the RSS feed, they will be getting an instant notification from your end on your new blog post. This will increase the visibility of your business and an amazing approach for your business. This all happens automatically, and no manual task is involved. 

Closing Up

If you open your Google and search for something, you will find a huge lot of information and knowledge on the internet. It becomes very tough for the brands to show their visibility and stand out from others. So, you must promote your blogs in the right way and make them different from others.

Posting a blog on all the social media platforms is not just the end; rather, you have to bring a final touch base with personalizing it. Hence, start working on your blog and promote them through email marketing. This Email Marketing Tactics will help to grow your business.

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