Signature Line And The Ultimate Do’s & Don’ts of Email Signature Marketing for 2021

Email signature or sig line is the favorite part of marketers to flaunt an email. Normally it’s simply information tagged at the tip of your email to let the recipient know a bit regarding you; for marketers, it will be the prized real estate to portray your business.

As per the Email Stats Report, an employee delivers 38 emails each day to the company’s customers, prospects, partners, or investors. So, as per the calculation, if 50 employees are sending emails for 250 business days, it will be somewhat 475000 annual emails sent.

Have you ever thought about the brand visibility for all these professional emails signature and how it will bring traffic to my website by building huge brand awareness about the company?

The email signature is an online business card that can be a highly effective, affordable, and high-return promoting tool – but mostly unnoticed.

Email Signature

What are the benefits of Email Signatures?

• Drive traffic to the website

• Create a brand opportunity

• Provide quick access to your contact details

• Establish a lasting impression

• Educate about the company’s initiatives

7 Do’s or best practices of Email Signature

Design a good email signature design

The professional email signature format is 7 lines. A fully designed email signature will contain your key contact details, social media icons, and advertising message. But the main area is to look for the design and layout of your email signature.

Try to make it exactly like the type of industry which you are in. You can have all your creative ideas here but try to make it a professional one and not the casual one.

• Always put the key contact details in the colour of the email body text to make it consistent.

• You came to make the Links in various colours.

• Never change your font type and size throughout the mail. Use the websafe fonts as they will fit all the client’s devices.

Link to your Website and Blog

Whenever you are sending an email, it should have an email signature that will lead the client to your company’s main web page. Unfortunately, very few companies are using this technique, but you can grab this opportunity as your recipients are already online.

So, if you are using a link that will take your recipients to the main web page, it will allow them to re-engage and keep them connected with your company.

Links are of 2 types: Text links and Image links. It’s up to you to use these links in your emails; the image links are the most suitable and effective business email signature links.

You can also use links to take the recipients to the App Store or Google Play Store from the email signature.

Connect with them through social media

Try to use links to connect or take them to the social media pages where you post daily updates or blogs. It can be your Facebook page, Twitter profile, LinkedIn, Instagram, or any social post and keep your subscribers hooked up with your brand and your company.

Inform them of Upcoming Events

Are you attending any conference as a speaker? Is your company taking part in any Trade show? You can take the best advantage of your professional email signature to let the recipients know about the company’s actions and make them engaged.

Build a simple banner, attach a link to it with a link to a landing page showing all the details of the event, and put it below your main email signature.

Promote any Content

If you are thinking to make a promotion if your whitepaper, eBook, industry report, insight page, and blogs, then Email Signature will do it for you. You have to design an attractive banner or put a plain-text link.

Use the word ‘Free’

Make use of the word “Free” to bring great interest and lead your product/service. For example, you can give them a free tool as an online calculator or any free software, and they will be bound to click and check your email.

New Offers

Try to amaze your subscribers with your new campaigns, which will have a bumper offer, and use this by email signature. Make them aware of your new catalog, promotions, or new products on offer. Keep an eye on your offers and make a high ROI.


Do Not Go Overboard

You don’t have to put all the details and contact information in your email. Always put contact details which are important and regularly used. If you put so many email ids, phone numbers, websites, and social media sites, it will show how desperate you are to get them. Never do this in your email signature of the company.

Avoid Multiple Fonts

If you want to make your professional email signature into a stylish email, then stop using various colors and fonts. Only use one or two colors and fonts for your emails.

Avoid Using Images for Signature

Never use your signature as an image. There are various devices and software which will block these images. So if the email signature is in an image format, it might not be visible for the clients. If the images don’t appear, it might be bad, and you might lose the subscribers.

Avoid Personal Quotes

Personal quotes are never healthy for any business. Never use them unless you know how to use them diplomatically or have a solid reason to use them.

Irrelevant Links

Putting irrelevant links into your email signature can be a big turn-off. You might want to put links but make sure that it is relevant to the person you are sending. Unnecessary links can be harmful to any business.

Minimal Use of Images

It is useless to put more than 2 primary images with the signature. Moreover, your email recipients might get frustrated as the download is costing them some amount. Never cross 2 images, with a length and width of 250px.


All marketers must understand the importance of the email signature in their marketing campaigns as emails are the best way of communication in any business.

If you have the best email signature, you can easily build the best brand awareness and drive your website’s traffic. Just make it right!

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