6 Email Marketing Analytics Measure To Develop a Successful Email Campaign

Email marketing is the best way to target online customers. Email marketing is not that easy as it sounds. If you are new to email marketing analytics, making your marketing campaign successful becomes a bit challenging.

Try to gain full knowledge of the various metrics of email marketing analytics. Now, let us understand email marketing analytics and how you can use it in your marketing campaigns.

Email marketing analytics report

Email Marketing Analytics Report Example | Source : SlideTeam

Open Rate

One of the most important metrics to know how many people have opened your email. And it is the audience desire to make a call on opening or receiving the emails. Primarily, the audience gets attracted to the email subject, and it only makes an audience open an email.

This subject line will differ with the industry and the type of audience you are targeting. It is best to test your email with many audiences before using it in your actual campaigns.

One way is to segment your audience group, make different subject lines for each segment, and do the testing. By this, you can conclude with the best subject line.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage that shows the total number of emails that have not delivered to your audience inbox.

There are times when the email fails to deliver due to the server down, or the audience’s inbox is complete, and then it comes back to the sender. Also, an invalid email address can increase your bounce rate of emails.

Avoid any invalid emails, and a regular scan has to be done on your email list as it will decrease your bounce rate.


You have to keep track of the people who are unsubscribing your emails, and if it is increasing, take precautions. Most people might avoid receiving emails from you and want to unsubscribe as they avoid promotional emails.

You have to test your emails before sending them as if any image or text is not loading, then it might give an impression of unprofessional, and they may unsubscribe you. Also, sending wrong information or details can bring the same situation.

Always make a regular test of your email body and the email address before sending an email.


It is crucial for any marketer to analyze the ROI to determine the marketing campaigns effectiveness and how much the return from that campaign.

The formula for finding out the ROI is;

ROI = net return on investment / cost of the investment * 100

Example; ROI = $30000 in sales / $5000 investment * 100 = 600

Hence, 600 is the return on investment of the email marketing campaign.

If the ROI is less, then try to look into your email content and check the fault. An effective email will always give a 100% return.

Brand's can't measure email marketing ROI well

Email Marketing ROI | Source : Litmus

Click Rate

Click rate metrics of email marketing analytics will show you the number of recipients of your email who clicked on the link within the email. Click Rate is the best metrics in email marketing analytics to find the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

But you should know that having a high number of clicks will not show a high conversion rate. But having emails with a low number of clicks is harmful than an increased number of clicks with less conversion.

Conversion Rate

Every marketer wants to increase their conversion rate by sending attractive emails. Conversion can happen at purchase, downloading a free eBook, etc.

Once you get their contact details and personal information, it becomes easy to convert your audience and make a sale.

If you want to get the maximum revenue from your emails, your marketing content should optimize enough to make a conversion. Making the proper design of the email will bring the entire conversion and sale for your business.

Wrapping Up

Following the above metrics in email marketing analytics will help to make your campaigns smooth and effective. After reading the whole guide, you will understand email marketing analytics and how it has to be used in your future marketing.

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