Top 5 Email Marketing Strategies To Nail Your Emails In 2021

B2B email marketing strategies are more challenging than the B2C process for its long sales cycle. Every marketer in their digital marketing uses email marketing. By email marketing, achieving the organizational goal becomes more accessible.

In 2021, we can see a variety of email marketing strategies that make marketing jobs much smooth and effective. But be prepared for any uncertainty in your email marketing campaigns. This guide will show you five tips on B2B email marketing strategies for 2021.

B2B Email Marketing

Use Reliable and Comprehensive B2B Data

Information about customers is used in your B2B email marketing strategies to boost your marketing campaigns. Use this B2B data to create active lists, increase email relevancy, or segment target audiences.

Take data from behavioral, psychographic, and demographic to develop a proper understanding of your audience and send emails. Segmentation of your customer will help you build a strong relationship with your prospective customers and increase your email marketing ROI.

Filtering your data will give you a better email marketing performance and increase the conversion rate. An unfiltered data will decrease your conversion rate by 15 percent.

Employ Intelligent Email Marketing Automation

Most companies are using automation in their marketing channels. Marketers use email marketing automation to connect with customers by sending emails at the right time to the right audience in their buying cycle. Increasing the automation level can give you better prospect engagement, transactions, and email marketing efficiency.

You can easily trigger responses from your audience by using email automation marketing campaigns. Launch a new promotional campaign and connect with prospects by email automation and build interest in your products.

Always use automation by data-driven insights and human intelligence to make your email marketing campaign effective. Data-Driven email automation can connect with your customers by sending the right message, customized campaigns, reduced churn risk, and upselling at the right time.

Hyper-Personalize Your Email Marketing Content

Start building hyper-personalized emails for your marketing campaigns through dynamic content. Look into the factors like audience’s buying intent, interests, preferences, loyalty program status, purchase history, location, etc., to build an effective email.

Have hyper-personalized solid email marketing campaigns, build buyer personas, segmentation your email list, include data-based product recommendations, and use website visitor intelligence.

Use Email Retargeting to Re-Engage Inactive Customers

If a marketer is using remarking to target individuals, then it will increase your conversion. Try to retarget your inactive buyers and subscribers who are not making any purchases from your website for a more extended period. This email marketing strategy will help to increase your purchase from the customers in your email list.

Try to use re-engagement emails in bringing back your inactive B2B customers and show the value of your brand. Start sending inventory replenishment emails to make them aware of their availability of the favorite product. Moreover, you can send product or service renewal reminder emails as an effective email marketing strategy to boost your sales.

Write Subject Lines that Boost the Email Open Rate

Designing an eye-catching subject line can make a difference in your email marketing campaign. Whenever a subscriber receives an email, the subject line decides to open the email. Creating a good subject line can increase your open rates. Making a wrong subject line can send your email into the spam folder. Around 35 percent of readers open their emails because of the catchy subject lines.

Always build a personalized subject line as it makes your email more effective and improves your open rate. Start using email marketing strategies like emojis, facts and figures, shoutouts, discount or free stuff announcements, which help to stand out from other regular subject lines. You can make an urgency or curiosity on the subject line.

B2B Newsletter Example

Final Thoughts

With the above five email marketing strategies, you can have the upper hand in B2B email marketing.

Always test and analyze your email before sending it to your prospective customers. Use the five tips given in the guide and increase your conversion rate with a high ROI.

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