The Top 10 Email Marketing Tools of 2021

Are you thinking to grow your business – and want email marketing tools that will be easy to use, affordable, and can flip your leads into customers – right?

It sounds like a cake wake, but when we have an option of 450+ email marketing tools to choose from in a changing environment, and where all the email marketing tools companies are promising the same, it’s become a bit difficult.

Which is the main reason for writing this guide; where we will be going for the comparison of email marketing tools which is their objectives, regular updates, and all these with research – using lots of data

Top 10 best email marketing tools for your marketing campaigns

  • HubSpot Email marketing – best for b2b service companies
  • Sender – best for small and mid-sized business
  • Sendinblue – best for transaction email
  • Omnisend – best for eCommerce
  • SendPulse – best for a massive audience
  • Benchmark Email – best for competitive analyses
  • Mailchimp – best to reach your target audience
  • MailerLite – best for a personal project
  • Mailjet – the all-in-one platform
  • Moosend – best for small agencies and non – profits

The top 10 Best Email Marketing Tools

HubSpot Email marketing  

HubSpot is known for its automation platform. HubSpot, will help you and support many small businesses’ transactional email needs.

Whether you would like to send kickback emails with offers and discounts, or thanks emails after a purchase, or promote any of the current campaigns, the HubSpot Email Marketing tool will perform for you.

You will find it easy to use with HubSpot’s email marketing tool. The HubSpot will give the drag-and-drop visual editor an option, and it also comes equipped with ready-made templates to urge you up and run now.

So, let’s see what makes the HubSpot Email marketing tool stand out from the rest of the tools. It is a native integration with different HubSpot tools, like the free-forever CRM. Once you begin with your account, you get access to each device. Therefore, you’ll produce a centralized contacts database.


The Sender has the feature of deliverability which makes it the best free email marketing tool. If you don’t have HTML information, don’t worry, as your Sender will create stunning newsletters. Select from a template and customize it with components like pictures, videos, and text.

Senders will help in your analytics from the email lists. The Sender can help you track who opened your emails and clicked on the links provided on the emails. With the subscriber action, you can design your buyer’s profile and optimize your existing email strategy.


Sendinblue is a marketing communication platform that will look at email marketing tools and customer relationships with landing page creation. In Sendinblue, we have 70 templates which will help you to build an eye-catching email. Moreover, all of these templates are responsive and will look for your results, guaranteeing that it fits all the devices. 

After your email design is done, you can do A/B testing and segmented recipient lists to optimize your campaigns and target your audiences.


Omnisend is best for an e-commerce marketing platform that brings all of your communication platforms in one place. Omnisend only used for email, but it supports email marketing for small and medium businesses. Omnisend will automate your email marketing delivery with the help of the reader’s behavior and communicate to provide customer satisfaction.

You can use audience insights to provide relevant email marketing messages. You built an attractive newsletter with the saved features like Product Picker, which will guide you to select elements you want to put into the emails. Want more than start putting scratch cards, discount coupon codes, and gift boxes to optimize your email performance with this email marketing tool.


SendPulse is the most popular email marketing tool as it can advertise itself with a multi-channel platform. SendPulse has plenty of professionally designed email templates that you customize with a drag-and-drop editor.

You’ll start these customized emails that will be automatically sent out at the correct time with the reader’s behavior. SendPulse is the best way to establish your most valuable subscribers. It allows you to analyze the open and click rates. 

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email could be a possibility for an email marketing tool to build responsive emails that look perfect despite which device you viewed. If you would like to put pictures in your email or edit the image, you can do so with this platform. The email editor will guide you by adding effects, stickers, and text to your message.

You have the choice to decide on from plenty of pre-designed templates. Now you can use this email marketing tool to the code editor to create emails from scratch.


Mailchimp is the leader of email marketing tools. It will give you basic email marketing tool options like email creation and scheduling. The main reason for the excellent email marketing tool is it smart recommendations feature that provides you with valuable audience insights. 

Designing emails on this email marketing tool is easy with the Content Manager. You can also store your pictures and files with easy access.

Mailchimp permits you to change your emails at crucial steps of the client journey. Thus you’ll be able to transfer welcome emails, order confirmations, abandoned cart reminders, and many more. 


MailerLite has the landing page builder and the pop-up customizer feature, which helps in standing out among other email tools within the market. The drag-and-drop email builder and the tool come with a rich text editor that enables you to develop stunning emails.

You can produce responsive landing pages to match the emails you send, which can increase the possibilities of driving conversions. You’ll be able to run split tests on totally different variations of your email to ascertain which will work correctly and help your readers’ conversions.

MailerLite provides you with a comprehensive campaign report that contains necessary stats like click rate, unsubscribe rate, open rate, and a lot more. 


Mailjet comes with intuitive tools to assist you in building effective email marketing campaigns. Now you can customize any of the pre-designed templates and make responsive emails to impress your readers regardless of the device.

If you join a team, you’ll love the platform’s feature that permits for seamless collaboration.

This email marketing tool enables you to add dynamic content to produce customized and relevant emails. This helps you get far better results out of your email-promoting campaigns. 


Moosend is a wonderful email marketing tool that helps you to automate repetitive tasks and saves you time. Now you can design email campaigns by your subscribers’ data and activities.

Moreover, you can use its advanced segmentation feature to send correct emails to every recipient, increasing open rate and click-through rate additionally as ROI.

This tool provides you with a campaign performance report. Thus you recognize specifically a way to optimize your campaigns and obtain even higher results. 

Bottom Line

The above email marketing tools are free, and they can give you a strong option instead to upgrade to a paid tool.

Small businesses and marketers use these tools to save time and cash.

If you wish to upgrade to meet your business desires, you’ll realize that several paid plans are reasonable and enough to suit your budget.

At Optimite, we know that building a strong company doesn’t happen overnight. We’re here to be your support along the way, offering our products and services to help you on your journey.

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