Strategic Tips With Black Friday Email Examples To Inspire Your Holiday Email Campaign

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to start preparing your email marketing campaigns. Start preparing your Cyber Monday & Black Friday email to make the most of this auspicious eCommerce time!

With so much business being conducted on the go. This holiday season, email marketers are especially concerned about how to stand out. How to be unique in front of an overcrowded market where brands peruse an endless number of email campaigns with full force. And how users with engaging with their emails during busy shopping days like Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve. 

This article will assist you in creating the best holiday email campaign for Black Friday so you can make the most of this upcoming opportunity!

Why Focus On Holiday Email Marketing?

Holiday email marketing for businesses is growing exponentially. Many are focusing on it because it has proven to increase email marketing analytics while having a very low cost per lead with high ROI rates.

It also has the ability to target specific customers based on their previous buying behavior or interests. And can be easily automated so marketers don’t need large teams in order to achieve success!

According to a recent survey by Delloite, there is great potential for businesses during the holidays. 79% of shoppers will be willing to buy from new retailers during this time period. 

Almost all users around the world prefer shopping online instead of going to the physical store. Imagine the scope of online holiday shopping in 2021!

It’s never too early to begin strategizing about your email marketing acquisition. Especially with such promising statistics. As well as and retention initiatives specifically with these times in mind.

Want to maximize your profits during the sale season this year? Read this article for tips on how you can do so by coming up with a creative email campaign for Black Friday.

Black Friday Email Campaign

Black Friday is quickly approaching and before we know it the holiday shopping season will be in full swing. Since everyone likes a good deal, it’s best to start planning early. 

This can mean huge surges of purchases through your online store during Thanksgiving weekend as well as on Cyber Monday too! These are also big sales days apart from Black Friday for digital retailers. Which is sold within seconds consumed by eager shoppers looking for great deals from their favorite eCommerce sites!

Finally, getting ready the spirit for Black Friday? Start planning your email campaigns with the right strategies to prepare your brand in advance.

Email Marketing Strategies For Black Friday Along With Black Friday Email Examples

You can observe in the graph below how opportunistic is Black Friday email marketing for your business.

Boost Your Email Subscribers’ List

You need to create an email subscriber list if you do not have one already. It is useful, especially during the Black Friday weekend because it’s the largest shopping weekend of the year! Make sure you’re prepared with the right tools for this special time period.

If you have a list of subscribers, then it is very likely that they will purchase from you again so be prepared accordingly. 

To give an impactful boost to your list, make sure you get the most out of your holiday season. Improve your offers and create urgency. You can also focus on coming up with theme-based visuals. But don’t wait until Black Friday to offer discounts and deals – do it before!

Promotional banners at the top of your most popular pages can offer you a special discount to only those who subscribe.

An exclusive landing page allows you to capture leads from visitors. It’s a great way to direct your site traffic towards the desired action. That can help build your business and increase revenue since a lot of people will be looking out for the best possible offers on the internet.

Begin Black Friday Campaign Before Black Friday

The best time to send a Black Friday email to market your products is not on Black Friday. Instead, the best time to begin promoting is at least 10-7 days before that! 

Why? Because people are more informed about their holiday purchases before the official season starts. This will help increase sales and profits for businesses like yours.

The best Black Friday holiday email marketing strategy would be to begin early. You don’t want your customers losing sight of promotional emails in the flood. So make sure you convey that sales will go live before Black Friday or even earlier than expected!

A/B Test Your Black Friday Subject Lines

The goal for increasing email open rates can be a difficult task. It is because there are so many different factors that come into play. When trying to determine why your subscribers read or ignore an email, including the time of day and week it’s sent out, any current weather conditions going on in their area, political events happening around them at the moment you send out this particular message-and more.

The open rates of your emails are largely dependent on the subject line. Usually, it’s a combination of experience and intuition that helps pick better content for email openings. But there are other aspects to consider when deciding what makes an effective subject line too! 

For instance, is ‘free’ or ‘discount’ is less likely to help with the opening. Is explicitly mentioning the discount amount better like ‘20% OFF’?

A/B testing is a good way to determine how different email subject line affect your open rates. It will allow you to enter two separate versions, measure & then choose which one performs better.

Creating Urgency For Black Friday Sales

To increase sales for Black Friday, you should create a sense of urgency in your Black Friday Email Marketing campaigns.

For example, introduce a timer or scarcity with your products so that customers understand the nature of the promotion. Which is limited and thus will increase conversions.

When you showcase your product as scarce, show what quantity is left. And display notifications of others looking at or purchasing that very product.

Reward Loyalty

The best way to ensure customers stick around is by rewarding them with special offers and discounts. 

To attract and incentivize email subscribers, you can offer early-bird discounts on your website. You could also provide items for sale or free shipping to encourage visitors to your site to subscribe. As well as reward long-term customers with exclusive deals such as “buy one get one free” offers!

By rewarding your email subscribers and loyal customers, you can build up your brand exponentially. This will allow you to extend the customer’s lifetime value as well.

Extend Your Black Friday Campaign

Extend your Black Friday deals to Cyber Monday, but not too far. Don’t extend it all the way through Christmas. Or you’ll lose money on both ends by having discounts that are no longer relevant. And won’t get any traffic in store for days after most people have already gotten their gifts.

This is beneficial to your customers who are unable to purchase from you during the Black Friday promotions. They can still avail of discounts through this deal!

To maximize the effectiveness of your Black Friday email campaign, it should be eye-catching and to the point.

The Email Design for Black Friday Email Campaign

If you want your email to be effective, it is always better to stick with a simple structure. It’s even better if you add columns as this makes your emails more responsive. 

Use a 60/40 ratio of images and text, have clearly visible contrasting CTA buttons for a user-friendly experience, align fonts properly so that they don’t look out of place or too large/small, etc., decide which CTAs will be best suited for users with different usage patterns. You can use colors to build monochrome emails or shades of colors that reflect the Black Friday vibe!

Add Brand Signature

Having a dedicated unique voice or tone for your emails will allow you to stand out and easily be identified in the inbox during Black Friday. Which is usually noisy with many competitor discounts being released around that time.

To craft the perfect Black Friday email, there is no single recipe. Instead, you want to make sure that your customers recognize when they receive it. If they open and read it in a crowd of other promotional emails then you have succeeded!

Not only should your brand’s identity be present in promotional emails. But it is also recommended that the reader sees certain elements first. Elements like logo, style, color schemes, font, voice, images, etc., should be immediately visible. In doing so, you increase your chances of grabbing their attention and making a lasting impression on them.


Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year for retailers, and holiday email marketing will play a key role in your success. How have you used holiday email marketing to increase sales during a busy holiday season?

Spend some time this week understanding how you can leverage a customer-focused approach to drive more sales on Black Friday.

If outsourcing holiday emails sounds good to you, our team can help you craft killer black Friday emails that get highly positive results!  

Are you ready to get started with planning out your own Black Friday email campaigns? If so, contact us today, and let’s build something amazing together!

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