5 Steps to Create Email Development Workflow

In the last decade, we have seen an influx of emails. This has created a lot of havoc in all of us. From creating extra stress on our mental health, overloading databases leading them to crash during emergencies.

It’s time we take action by adopting better practices around how people use their computers. And create well-designed email workflows – not making technology changes but also changing behaviors!

What should an effective Email Workflow be like?

Email is so much more than just ordinary correspondence. And these days it’s been growing to include new functions. One thing that has changed in recent years is the development of email workflow before arriving at its recipient. 

A good email development workflow should be organized, efficient and linear. It is important to create a clear email development process for the emails you are sending out so that they do not end up in spam. It can surely be a complicated process but can be streamlined with the right set of tools.

Email Development Workflow | Source : Litmus

Is it important to create an Email Development Workflow?

The email development workflow is an essential component of any business. These campaigns are a crucial part of the success or failure of your company. Emails allow you to provide timely and compelling content.
So your customers keep coming back, which means more conversions! 

Also for the love of small businesses everywhere, that’s why! A recent study found that 97% of companies with a documented process for developing emails were successful.

For your business, staying on top of email development is important. No matter what type of company you have. Or how big it may be. Having an up-to-date workflow plan in place will allow for better communication and organization among staff members.

In this article, we will walk through the process of creating a simple and successful email. We’ll start by discussing some basic concepts for your first campaign.
Let us read how we can make an organized email workflow for better results with the help of 5 simple steps:

Select The Right Type of Templates 

Your emails speak directly to your customer on a screen. They represent the language of your brand. Start your workflow by selecting the right email template.

The last thing you want to be doing for the email development process is to spend hours and hours drafting every email. With email templates that have mapped out for you, it will take no time at all to send emails from one message type to another without having any broken links or other mistakes. 

Note: A simple & less complex email template will always work out for someone who is a beginner.

Make-Use of Existing Email Templates/Starters

It can be frustrating when emails seem like they are identical or boring but there’s an easy solution – use pre-made email starters instead so as not to start from scratch again every time!

The best way to save time and money is by utilizing existing email templates. So stop having to waste precious moments of work designing something that has to repeat. 

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Simplify Tasks with Tools

Email development process & email maintenance has become more complicated and time-consuming. As email formats have evolved, many tools have also entered the market. Use the right tools can simplify your email workflow.

With the digital industry booming, there are countless options for mailing tools. Choose tools that help you to simplify your email workflow as much as you can. Integrate them to be more productive with less effort.

Note: Use templating language to create emails that are easy to use and maintain.

Automated Build Tools

Automate your email marketing workflow with a build tool. You can automate email campaigns, send scheduled newsletters, and much more by using an automated process called “build.” This tool will help you create highly personalized emails based on user behavior, preferences, and past interactions with your brand. 

No need for coding experience because everything happens within a single-simple interface.

Test Your Emails

As technology continues to rapidly advance, so does the variety of devices we use. It is important that your emails are optimized for all these different screens and platforms or else it will be tough to reach as many people as possible with your message.

Test across a diverse range of systems such as iPhone, Android phone/tablet, desktop computer (PC), laptop (macOS), to ensure they are readable and accessible on all devices, such as tablets or mobile phones. 


After creating an email development workflow, you’ll find that the work is much easier and quicker for you as well as your team. The time spent waiting on others to complete tasks will be dramatically reduced with a well-designed process in place.

Remember! Don’t spend hours on something that can be automated. Just prepare a well-working email workflow. Choose those email templates that speak through your brand. 

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