3 Emails Proven To Boost Sales For Your Business With Abandoned Cart Emails

In e-commerce, businesses are expanding faster, but most online stores face issues like abandoned carts. Research says that 79.18% of online shopping carts are getting left when they are finalizing their purchase. We can say that almost 9-10 percent of potential customers are getting lost during their checkout process. If you have a conversion rate of 18.64%, then abandoned cart emails will guide you to get back these customers. 

We will provide insight into making a ton of money from very little investment or even no investment. By abandoned cart emails, you probably get the best ROI, and anyone who is having an e-commerce store must be doing Abandoned Cart Emails.

This guide will give you a lot of interesting information and everything in details of :

  • What are abandoned cart emails?
  • 5 main reasons for which people abandon their carts?
  • When should you be sending the things out?
  • What are the best subject lines?
  • What should you have within your emails?

Facts on Abandoned Cart Emails to make you a bit amazed

  • 75% of the people abandoned their carts on average, i.e., a lot of people with a lot of sales are losing out
  • Somewhere around 10% on average, you can reach those who abandoned their cart and recover by sending abandoned cart emails to make sales from them.
  • You can set-up automation tools. So, you create abandoned cart emails automation once, and that’s it. It is running for you for the rest of your life. 

What is an abandoned cart email?

An abandoned cart email is a strategy where the automation will bring a follow-up email that a shopper sends for those who have left their items in the cart. They try to get those customers back and convince them to complete their transactions. 

Why do people abandon their carts?

  • Extra costs are too high
  • Create an account 
  • A longer and complicated process 
  • Total costs not visible
  • Getting distracted 

There will be situations when your customers are getting distracted while doing something else or just thinking, okay, I’m looking at this on my phone, and later I’m going to buy it on the computer.

So, people give up for various reasons and build an abandoned cart, but you can help them as if they think that the price is just too much; perhaps you can give them a discount.

If they see and believe that the shipping is too expensive, maybe you can provide free shipping for them. If they got distracted, perhaps you can remind them.

Best Practices to send Abandoned Cart Emails?

If you are dealing with abandoned cart emails, you have to perfect your timings to grab the customer’s attention. Always remember that if they have added their product into the cart, they are interested, and by this, you have to make the correct timings of your abandoned cart emails. 

Let’s look into it;

Abandoned Cart Email 1: within 1 hour of the purchase attempt

What do you want to do when someone has abandoned their cart? You want to send a sort of reminder for them as an abandoned cart email, and it should be after one hour. There are different opinions on sending the abandoned cart emails reminder time, but one hour is the most optimal time.

It should be a clear reminder because they might have left the cart unintentionally. You can’t get straight into “Hey, get this discount” because you will sometimes recover carts without giving any discounts. 

Now check some of the subject line examples for the first emails, and it’s going to be different from the other emails. In the first emails, you want to catch their attention somehow and so put a simple subject line like;

  • We’re ready if you’re ready 
  • Your cart is wondering where you went
  • Is your wi-fi okay?
  • Oh no, your stuff!

These subject lines will create a picture of interest, what exactly is this, or who exactly is messaging. People click these emails because they are just curious what it means!

We can also check some email body examples for the First email;  Make it a bit fairly simple for the first abandoned cart emails; keep it short and go straight into the case. You just put a few sentences and then have the products, or you can put some testimonials. Make a text like;

  • You’ve been playing hard to get with the item in your shopping cart.
  • Let me teleport you back to your shopping cart.
  • We notice you left something behind. No need to worry; we have saved your items. 

Abandoned cart Email 2: within 24 hours of the cart abandonment

The second email should come a little bit later, and again, people prefer different times but based on studies, the best time is to send 24 hours after the first email. So, one day after the first email and what you want to do in the second email?

You want to give some incentive because if they didn’t make or take any steps with the first email, there is probably some reason. It might be price, then perhaps you might give them a better price, which might change their decision into buying. It’s not compulsory to provide a discount on the second email; you might offer it on the third email. Give them free shipping, or if they buy that item, they get some freebies or put some testimonials as well, so make it a bit extra from the first email. 

Subject line examples of the second email. Put to the second email as well as on the third email. Let’s check it out; 

  • Only for you: a 10% discount!
  • It’s disappearing AAHHHHHH! 
  • Do you want to make a deal?
  • 10% of the purchase!

These basic things work well, or if you are not giving a basic instead of providing some cheeky-funny email, you should probably put in numbers.

Abandoned cart Email 3: within 48hours to 72 hours of the cart abandonment

The third email should go out 48hours after, and again, many people disagree with this or have different opinions on timing, but studies say that 48hours after your second email, you should send out your third email. So, give two days for people to open those emails.

In the third email, if you haven’t given an incentive yet, then you should provide an incentive in the abandoned cart email, or perhaps you should even bump up. If you gave a 10% discount in the second email, then probably in the third email, you want to provide a 15% discount for those who didn’t bother to purchase the 10% discount. Here you amp things up a little bit, and you might create a short bit of scarcity of the product and put recommendations.

If they didn’t take action in the first, second, and third email, then perhaps they are not as crazy about the product as you might think, so try to recommend other products to them. 

Bonus Email 

We don’t see people talk much about when it comes to your abandoned carts emails, but this can work well. So this works for stores that are selling one product or might work on stores that make the different sales of products. You can see a little landing page or something like a funny landing page in your emails. You might include some reviews. 

Final Thoughts

Since many prospective customers won’t successfully finish their checkout, abandoned cart emails can sell those leftover items in the cart and bring more sales. We have to use effective and innovative subject lines, send emails to the right customer at the right time, and design an email sequence that will help the marketer convert customers into buyers.

Closing more customers will help the marketers make top-of-funnel campaigns profitable and give me more ways to experience new channels and invest in the advertisement, branding, or creating new items.

So, are you taking the benefit of abandoned cart emails? Share your experience with us, and we will love to hear from you!

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