6 Marketing Ideas To Create An Effective Cyber Monday Email Campaign With Examples

Cyber Week is a sale event exclusively for our online retailers. Businesses should use this opportunity to promote their products and services that can be accessed by the global market at any time, from anywhere in the world. 

Cyber Monday (the first day of the cyber week) has become one of the biggest shopping events since it started over 10 years ago. Many people were able to take advantage during its early days when internet speeds weren’t as fast or ubiquitous around much of North America like they are today!

Why should your business run a Cyber Monday email campaign?

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Cyber Monday comes after Thanksgiving and it exploded in popularity over a decade ago. By 2014, $2 billion was made on Cyber Monday alone! And they haven’t stopped rising there’s no doubt.

On Cyber Monday 2017, digital transactions reached a record of $6.59 billion! Marking an increase of 16.8 percent from 2016 when Sunday was the largest online shopping day ever recorded with over $3 billion in digital transactions across retail websites and mobile devices combined! Mobile devices passed $2 billion for the first time ever!

So in 2021, we can definitely expect the numbers to rise higher! Your brand could earn revenue growth through this and end the year with a bang!

The true measure of cyber monday.

Don’t wait until Cyber Monday to start planning your email marketing campaign. You’ll want to be on top of it starting now if you want to make the most of it possible! 

Here are 6 Cyber Monday Email Marketing Ideas for you to have a successful Holiday email Campaign!

6 Marketing Ideas To Create An Effective Cyber Monday Email Campaign With Examples

Have you ever wondered how to create an effective Cyber Monday email campaign? Well, read on because we’re about to break it down for you with 6 marketing strategies that work every time.

Embrace the Cyber Monday theme and win big this holiday season 👨‍💻🏆

The lack of direction in designing Cyber Monday emails can actually be a benefit. This is because you’re free to create your own unique theme, unlike other special occasions like Christmas where there are certain set characters and colors that must be incorporated.

When designing your next Cyber Monday email, you may feel overwhelmed without any holiday traditions to guide you. Embrace the cyber aspect of this shopping day and give it a unique technology-themed flair.

Get creative with your play on words 🤹👄

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A lack of holiday traditions makes it easier to be creative with your email campaign and create new fun ways for people to connect with you, like a unique copy, puns, or font play.

Take the online culture seriously and pay homage to it 📲🤖

cyber monday somewhere sale starts now

Online culture has a very unique form of inside communication that includes various aspects such as gifs, in-jokes, memes, and language. Cyber Monday provides an excellent opportunity to celebrate this special day by embracing the internet’s own brand of culture.

Make it exciting for the late shoppers 🛒🏃‍♀️

cyber monday off mail template

Cyber Monday is the day when you can buy your favorite items from a home computer without having to fight through long lines at crowded stores. Because it’s so close to Black Friday, Cyber Mondays are often referred to as the online version of Black Friday.

The countdown clock is ticking ⏲️

don't miss out sale email

Cyber Monday is a one-day sale, but brands can extend their sales to get more shoppers. 

The excitement of the big one-day sale creates a sense of urgency that motivates shoppers to spend quickly since no one likes to miss out on good deals, especially during the holiday season when everyone is looking to buy gifts or pamper themselves!

A countdown clock in a Cyber Monday email creates urgency and helps drive traffic. 

It’s important to clarify this sale is a limited-time offer and create a clear call to action that asks customers whether they want to take advantage of this deal before time runs out or miss it and wait for the next year!

The countdown timer is a clean, clear design element that doesn’t distract your reader away from your email campaign and sale message. The urgency of the clock can spur subscribers to make a decision quickly.

Add a splash of color to make your email stand out 🌈🖌️

scarcity email

Brands may decide to use a dark theme for their Black Friday marketing, but this can leave users looking for something more colorful on Cyber Monday. 

There’s nothing wrong with making use of dark-themed colors since they also attract a lot of customers. But more of anything is too much, right? So adding colors at this point will help your email stand out.

Amidst all of the dark email templates, a colorful design can really stand out. With fall marketing in full swing, brands often utilize shades like reds and browns to promote their products. This is an opportunity for you to create something unique that reflects your brand identity instead of following trends set by competitors.

Before You Go!

The Cyber Monday sales campaign has the potential to bring in more revenue than all other email marketing campaigns. So make sure you are doing everything possible to get subscribers’ attention.

Cyber Monday is unlike other special shopping days or holidays because there are no expectations of what it should include. This gives brands the opportunity to stand out by designing something that will help them do so, while still including some great deals on their products and services.

We have provided examples of successful Cyber Monday email campaigns that will help you get started creating one yourself. 

Creating a Cyber Monday email campaign can often be a daunting task if you’re not an everyday marketer, but you don’t have to take on this challenge alone. Hire our email experts at our agency and we’ll show you how it’s done!

For more information, contact us about our services or if your company would like some help on creating an effective holiday campaign before Cyber Monday arrives.

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