HTML Email VS Web HTML – Useful Do’s And Don’ts

You should know that there are situations when HTML Emails are not supporting all types of HTML content we see on the web. Basically, web browsers show the scripts, animations, and complex navigation menus, but your email inbox is not designed to handle this type of content.

Let us discuss the content types that have to be avoided in your email and what content is to be used.

[We will] continue to use Word for creating email messages because we believe it’s the best email authoring experience around.

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HTML Emails vs Web HTML

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When it comes to typical email clients, then it is not as updated as a web browser. Web Browser will give you interactive, dynamic content, and often updated versions. But if you take the HTML emails, then interactive elements like Flash, JavaScript, or HTML forms will not be working.

Use With More Attention

You can try using elements like background images and custom fonts in your HTML Emails. But you should know that all email clients do not support these elements. So, it is advisable that you first test and then start sending your emails to your subscribers.

Animated GIFS

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There are some HTML emails where you can put animated GIFs. But there is a way you can put GIFs into your campaigns by directly using Giphy.

Suppose you have added GIF directly into your email platform, then try to edit your animated content. Email platforms will have a photo editor, which will help you make the image file changes, which will not let your image break.

Background Images

Email Platform will have background images in the preheader, header, body, column, and footer sections. It is better to use a custom HTML email template to add a background image. There might be some issues in rending at the client’s devices, so it is better to test and check before sending it.

Web Fonts

Email platform will help you in using standard fonts and some selected custom web fonts. If your HTML email is not supporting any of the web fonts, you can shift to standard fonts.

Wide Templates

Most of your audience will open your HTML email on their mobile devices or desktop preview mode. So, the email viewing panes are narrow and will create a situation when your email message might cut if it goes beyond 600-800px.

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Avoid Using Certain Elements

The below points are the elements that are blocked in your HTML emails.


Using JavaScript, you can build interactive web content for your emails. So, it is mostly seen on web HTML, but most HTML email block JavaScript can hide harmful content. 

I-frame Elements

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An <iframe> (inline frame) is an HTML element put content from one website to any other website. Basically, Iframe Elements are used to put advertisements, videos, or audio into other websites. This Iframe contains scripts that build chances of blocking the email.


You can easily flash displays animation and graphics on websites, but your HTML emails can block it.

HTML Forms

Text fields, text inputs, radio buttons, and checkboxes are common HTML email elements, but the submit button will require Javascript. Some HTML emails will show you display forms, but unluckily the readers won’t submit them. So, it is better to avoid HTML forms and start finding some other alternatives.

Wrapping Up

From the above details, you can say that the web browser is much more effective than HTML emails. 

But if you are using any email platforms, then it is a plus point for you.

Web Browser will give you interactive, dynamic content, and often updated versions. But if you take the HTML emails, then interactive elements like Flash, JavaScript, or HTML forms will not be working.

Start avoiding the points stated above for HTML emails and use GIFs or graphics to make them interactive and attractive!

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