A Complete Guide to Email Marketing for Agencies 2021

For email marketers, it’s more important than ever to have a strategy that will help them succeed. In this blog, we’ll discuss how email marketing can be a valuable tool for agencies. And provide you with insights into email tactics that work. We’ll cover everything from acquiring emails to optimizing your email campaigns for maximum impact.

Why Should Agencies Go for Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a simple and cost-effective way for companies to target their customers. It reduces the costs of maintaining client relationships.

And provides data about customer preferences. That may lead towards increased revenue opportunities. And offers an easy option for targeting specific demographics with personalized messages.

Agency owners who are looking to expand their list of customers and clients should think about incorporating email marketing into their strategies.

With a well-planned email marketing funnel, you can get qualified leads in an easily scalable manner. Once your system is set up and running smoothly, all that’s left to do is drive targeted traffic through it for more sales!

Email Marketing for agencies | Source : Campaign Monitor

The Email Marketing Funnel for Agencies

If you want to reach your audience with relevant content, email marketing is a great option for agencies. It’s scalable and predictable. So it can be implemented without much risk or worry about performance.

In fact, because of its easy-to-track ROI on investment as well as its non-intrusive nature – this type of campaign should do wonders for any business!

Broadly speaking, the three stages of the buyer’s journey align with these stages.
First is Awareness (what are you looking for?),
Second Consideration (are they interested in what we have to offer?), and
Thirdly Conversion (have they purchased?).

1st Stage – The funnel starts with your prospects learning about you or their needs. Once they hand over some contact data in exchange for something, it becomes a lead and enters the funnel.

2nd Stage – The Consideration stage is where a lead knows your business better than ever! In order to get this data, you offer them targeted content in exchange for more information.

3rd Stage – At the end of a lead’s journey, they become MQL or Conversion. You can score and qualify leads so that you know who to push them off to in order for them to convert into sales. 

No matter what your marketing strategy is, the key to its success depends on how well you’re able to collect emails and maintain leads. In the next section, we’ll cover these two important topics.

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At the beginning of any campaign, there is always a single ingredient: emails. The first stage in your marketing funnel—call it ‘lead generation’ or ‘Awareness’–deals precisely with capturing these precious ids from potential customers.

Of course, convincing raw traffic to give away their email addresses isn’t easy. You also don’t want just anyone’s contact information. Because that would be useless for marketers like us! You need those leads coming through who are decision-makers and have money to spend on products we sell.

We will further explore how to make your target audience share their emails & info.

How to Capture Emails?

This is a successful strategy to generate steady supplies of leads through internet marketing. By creating a lead magnet that interests the customer.

And optimizing it with paid sources, you are able to generate traffic that leads to conversions. As they land on your landing page or give their email address through opt-in forms.

How To Create A Highly Targeted Offer

Email marketing is a simple exchange. You create such targeted offers that it gets easier for your audience to share their emails. 

In order to create these types of offers, you’ll need to know your audiences’ needs in-depth first and foremost so you can tailor every offer accordingly.

Activities involved in Email Marketing Stages | Source : Workamajig

Read below and find ways to generate targeted ideas for email content

a) Look Up to Competitors for Content Offer Ideas

One way to come up with new content is by borrowing from competitors. They do a lot of research on what people want & by looking at what other companies are doing, sometimes maybe the best way to improve your content & campaign strategies

b) Use Client Surveys & Sales Data

A good source of content ideas is your existing client base. Your sales team would easily guide you for you to have a good idea of your target market’s concerns, questions, and interests.

Their input can be valuable for identifying possible topics for content offers or surveys to help identify pain points that you might not be aware of.

Talk to clients as well and get the inside story on their entire customer journey from the first touch to the final deal, mapping out every issue faced along the way.

This will give you a fresh perspective and invaluable information that can then be used as inspiration for new emails or social media updates!

c) Analyze Existing Content

Your existing content is a goldmine for discovering what your target audience wants to know more about. If you see that certain topics are getting strong traffic or engagement, it means the information on those pages may be relevant and interesting to your customers.

Note: You can use any analytic software for this too. 

d) Create a Well-Optimized Landing Page 

To collect emails you need to create a well-functioning opt-in form. It could either be a landing page directing the traffic to the lead magnet or a dedicated one. It should be as easy and convincing as it can be for your audience to share their addresses.

e) Get Targeted Traffic 

Choose the right target audience, use your expert skills and combine them with your budget. The quality of your emails will directly relate to how much traffic you can attract.

Untargeted traffic will never be interested in engaging, so make sure they’re targeted for the right audience! 


As an agency, you need a strong lead qualification strategy to create qualified leads. Without it, your list of contacts might be big but full of raw leads – not much use for reaching out with offers or sales pitches because they don’t fit the buyer profile nor are interested in what you have to offer.

As an agency make sure to check these 3 pointers below to quality leads:

  • Figure out the kind of data you want. You don’t need raw, you need qualified! It is very important to decide the kind of data that needs to be collected. 
  • Collect that data through emails. The same way you capture emails, but here give away content in exchange for the data you require.
  • Evaluate data & qualify leads accordingly. The more data you collect, the easier this step will be for you. A qualified lead will meet the criteria for budget, need, authority & timeline. 
Why should agencies opt for email marketing? | Source : Statista


The email marketing funnel for agencies is a proven way to drive sales and revenue, but it takes more than just sending emails. You must understand how the human brain works in order to capture people’s attention with your content offer.

We have written this blog post as an introduction to these neuroscience principles that you can use to create highly targeted content offers and deliver them through landing pages or opt-in forms on blogs. 

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