Get Started With The Best Tools For Email Testing And Their Types

It must be tough for you to spend days, weeks, and months setting your marketing campaigns. You will coordinate with your team and work late at night to build and edit the whole campaign. Later you will feel satisfied with the whole work and hard work. 

But guess what! You have to face a lot of complaints and issues from your customers. 

Why did it happen? Because you forgot to test your emails because launching it. You can easily overcome marketing campaigns failure and emails errors.

Make email testing your primary objective before sending your emails or starting your campaigns. 

Why is email testing so important? 

Are you taking email testing as your primary task, or are you doing a double check on your works? Many marketers do not check or test their email before sending it, and later they fail. Don’t be a part of those marketers who take things casually and avoid email testing.

Benefits of Email Testing

  • Pointing out the errors

There is always a changing environment for email marketing, and after 2 days, there should be a change in every email. If there is a change in the email, then there might be a chance of error.  Understand that a small mistake could hamper your campaigns.

A broken link or faulty email can make you lose your clients, and they might unsubscribe you.

  • Insights for the upcoming marketing campaigns 

Email testing and analysis can give you the best results. Doing A/B testing like Subject Line Testing can show you insights into the demand of the audience.

Always use A/B testing or analyzing to understand your audience and design your emails as per their preference. 

Look at the various Email Testing Tools and Types

You must be aware that marketers have a limited budget and time for any activity they perform. So, it is best to do the work with email testing tools and save time for other important aspects. 

Pre-Send Testing for rendering and experience Email Testing

Make your email look beautiful for all the subscribers by performing pre-send testing and guarantee an excellent customer experience. 

Rendering Testing 

Email Rendering will tell you how your email will look and perform for your clients. A broken link might not be a big issue, but a clumsy email might make your clients unsubscribe it. 

Tools for Rendering Testing

  • Litmus: It will show you how your email will look across all the devices. 
  • Email on Acid: It will share rendering on the provided codes, and hence you can find the errors. 

Link Testing 

There is an objective behind every email, and behind an objective, there is a link that shows the way to your customer. If you want to bring customers to your page, then there should be a working link attacked with your email and show you the performance.

The link should bring them to the correct page; otherwise, they might unsubscribe. 

Tools for Link Testing

  • Litmus: It will guide you and help you see if everything is on track with the Litmus Checklist. The Pre-Send Checklist will ensure that there is no broken link and no broken image. 

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing will make sure that each of your customers should get an excellent experience.

 Tools for Accessibility Testing

  • Litmus: With Pre-Send Accessibility Testing, you can run your email and find if any faults are present. It can be your ALT tags, content hierarchy, screen reader, or assistive device compatibility.
  • Manually testing: If you are a beginner and a bit confused about which tool to select, then take some free tools and check how it works. After understanding the things, you can better choose the right paid tool for accessibility testing. 

Content and Pre-Header Testing

It is important to check for the content, subject lines, and pre-header text before sending the email. You can easily find this test on any of the tools. 

Tools for Content and Pre-Header Testing

  • Email on Acid: With this tool, you can customize your email testing and review the content and pre-header text. It comes with a spell check which will give you more perfection. 

The Delivery Rate and Deliverability Testing

When you send your email from any email service provider, it has to confirm two areas;

  • It has to be accepted by your recipient’s server. 
  • The email has to get into the subscriber’s inbox and not into spam. 

Testing will give you a guarantee that the spam filter or invalid email address is not coming into your email, and it is going to the right person and right inbox folder. 

Email Validation 

Sending emails to an invalid email address, then it will be a waste of time and energy. You may think that a single wrong email address won’t create many problems.

But some marketers pay for the emails they send from their email list. So for them, it is a waste of time and money and so it is time to start your email testing.

Tools for Email Validation 

  • Mailgun: It is the best tool for checking your email’s validity and will ensure that it is sent to the right email address. 
  • Kickbox: It is a paid version of the tool that will ensure and verify your email lists. It will check the email address before sending the email.

Email Confirmation 

Factors affecting your delivery and deliverability rates are your email server. It will check your server and the response time. You can do this manually or through any tool. 

Tools for Email Confirmation

  • Mail-Tester: It will test the spam freeness of your emails. You have to test an email to any random email address, and later it will show you your email score. 
  • MX Toolbox: This will check the server authentication. 

Deliverability testing

Most email service providers can track the bounced emails. If you want to know your deliverability rate, then you use a paid tool. 

Tools for Email Deliverability testing

  • Everest: This tool will show you the pre-send optimization, check live email performance, and review post-send analytics. Also, you can know the reputation scores, IP warnings, spam complaints, and overall sender scores.

Spam Scores

You might have the best delivery score, but it might ruin your deliverability due to the spam folder. By doing spam testing, it can show you if you are blacklisted in the client’s folder. 

Tools for Email Spam Scores

  • Litmus: It will connect directly with your email service provider, check your emails across different spam filters, and rank each factor as passed, minor, or critical. 

Email subject line and performance testing

Email testing will not only show you data and analysis, but it can make you aware of your audience.

Tools like Vero will show your customer engagement. Use A/B testing to know better about your clients. 

CTA copy

Transactional emails should go into regular testing as they will be going to engaging customers. If they are not tested properly, then you might easily lose them forever.

Testing new CTA Button copy or headlines can tell you about your client’s insight and show you how you can give them a better experience. 

Wrapping Up

There are various free tools that you can take if you are a beginner. Pre-send testing is important if you don’t want to make your subscribers feel unhappy. Make email testing your primary objective and send error-free emails. 

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