12 Amazing Tips To Enhance Your Email Marketing Campaigns With Email Newsletters

“Look at your money in the list” the marketing guru says. 

If you design a simple, straightforward structure and think “now it will come” then it’s not sufficient to build a strong email newsletter for your marketing campaigns.

You need natural, proven, actionable methods for your email newsletter that will bring subscribers and let your readers stay for a longer period, and make them act to your emails. 

Why more and more companies are starting to market their business through social media channels?

According to research data, 72% of people prefer to receive promotional information via email, while 17% choose social media. Through email newsletters, there is such an opportunity for outreach.

There might be people who are not on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, but I doubt you can come up with one person who doesn’t have an email. There is a massive opportunity in email newsletter marketing, but it has to be done correctly.

Let the other continue to turn into social media while you take the next steps to market via email newsletter in the right way and it is not just what the majority prefers, but it’s now less competitive than ever. 

12 simple design tips to boost your sales and customer interaction

• Design for mobile devices

• Use clean and organized layouts

• Keep the text short and sweet

• Create Visual Hierarchy

• Embrace white space

• Frame content with headers and footers

• Set the mood with colour

• Simplify Font Choices

• Use stunning images

• Embed Videos/GIFs

• Inform with Infographics

• Create a compelling Call to Action

Let’s get into the depth of each Tip.

Design for mobile devices 

Many people own smartphones rather than laptops or a desktop. They are spending an absurd amount of time on their mobile devices and considering mobile as the first approach is a great place to start when redesigning your email newsletters.

You can find several mobile-optimized temples on any email platform, and with these, you build single-column designs with big fonts to ensure people can view your message even on the smallest of screens.

Use clean and organized layouts

You will never want to overcrowd your page with unnecessary distractions and so keep it clean and simple by only using what you feel you need. If you are having trouble, start putting your thoughts on paper first, as it will help you find what matters the most and reduce overcrowding.

Readers will be pleased to find a more orderly design email newsletter that will lead them to what they want to see in the first place. 

Keep the text short and simple 

We all receive email newsletters with text, text, and text. It may create irritation, and subscribers will go through the first line and finally end with unsubscribing. Readers want to scan a newsletter and find information that is relevant to them.

Always stay away from sending the same information over and over again and ensure whatever information you are pushing is consistently relevant. Think about what will happen if you are making the same information repeatedly, and a reader will anticipate that and stop clicking. 

Create Visual Hierarchy 

There are 12 visual hierarchy principles that everyone should know. You will always want to create a sense of importance with elements like colours, sizes, and shapes.

To direct your reader’s attention, try to come up with the visuals. The most effective designs are to properly use the visual hierarchy, leading their readers into a call to action. 

Embrace white space 

Leaving a healthy amount of white space will allow the viewer to absorb what is present on your page easily; look at it as less is more.

By strategically designing with white space, you bring the importance of your content. Apple is an example of where they are utilizing white space. 

Frame content with headers and footers

Using the header of an image is the first opportunity for you to grab a reader’s attention and make a first impression as those two to three inches can either peak someone’s curiosity or possibly entice them to move on.

So how can you utilize that space; adding a relaxing yet attention-grabbing slogan and then brilliantly adding to the social media icons and if viewers are interested, they will remember those icons and click to see more. You can also put these icons on your footer. 

Set the mood with color 

When choosing a color scheme for your newsletter, don’t just pick a color because it’s your favorite. Colors are much more than that. Research shows that each color can elicit feelings and emotions in viewers.

Blue is a color of trust, peace, and loyalty; orange is a color of creativity and fun, black signifies luxury. Do your research and choose a color that complements and reinforces your brand’s identity. 

Simplify Font Choices 

We all scrolled through the hundreds of font choices available for far too long. There are courier and impact, papyrus and chalkboard and stencil and so much more.

This classification by David Qadhafi breaks down the 15 different fonts that you will ever need. Some are humanists as ancient calligraphic; geometric are more modern fonts like Rockwell or Futura. If you want something realistic, you have your Helvetica or your Arial lying somewhere in the middle. 

Use stunning images 

A picture can say a thousand words. So, why not replace the text with some attractive pictures. Remember that an image can get a message across but be careful that your image and don’t make it too large. A photo should never take up more than 30% of a newsletter or else the viewer might label it as spam. 

Embed Videos/GIFs 

GIFs are everywhere from text to social media, and now they are found in the email newsletter. However, as much as we love to send them to friends, GIFs must be appropriately used in an email newsletter.

Start taking benefit of the opportunity to create a sales or product announcement. GIFs give an excellent opportunity for you to show off your creativity as a company. 

Design your infographic 

Putting infographics in your newsletter can help a viewer digest your information more easily and quickly than ever before. Moreover, it is a much more enjoyable reading experience. 

Create a compelling Call to Action

Make sure you create a compelling call to action in your email newsletter. Email marketing can reinforce brand awareness, but there is a much bigger opportunity to engage your readers.

Add that link to take your reader to your shop or even to a new page to learn more. If you don’t guide your reader to that final step, all the work you have done will be nothing.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to know that an email newsletter is one of the quickest and easiest email marketing campaigns. It can help your business grow faster, drive traffic, and boost sales. 

So, following these 12 tips that are outlined can guarantee that you will get the best result from every email you send to your subscribers.  

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