Email Mistakes & 4 Important Steps to Deal with Email Marketing Mistakes

It is common to makes mistakes while creating anything. Same with email marketing, you will see big companies making email mistakes in their content, design, or code. But don’t panic, as we are here to guide you! 

Many marketers choose to apologize after commencing a mistake, but there might be chances where you might want to wait before hitting send. If you send too many emails just for a single mistake, it might lead readers to unsubscribe you.

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4 Important Steps That Help In Dealing With Email Mistakes


Before taking any steps, look at what is the reason behind your email mistakes. Ask the following stated questions to yourself for better understanding:

  • What is the size of your email list?
  • What is the rate of open and click-through? 
  • It may happen that you have found the error, and you can email a follow-up with minimum impact. 

During this, ask these questions the following questions stated below:

  • How bad is the mistake?
  • What are the consequences of the mistake on your business?
  • Was it a spelling mistake or a pricing mistake?
  • Did you have set-up the wrong date for an event?
  • If you have made any small mistakes like misspelling or coding, or typos, it won’t create major problems.
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And if you send a follow-up apology message for any small mistake, then it might not be liked by your recipients, and they might end up unsubscribing you. Try to be more careful from now on and try A/B testing before sending upcoming emails.

If you made a pricing error or launch date error, then these email mistakes could be harmful to your business!


Once you have looked into the error, try to find out how you will respond.

Stated below are some tricks and tips on how to send a follow-up email:

Be Fast

Quickly send a follow-up before they can see your first email.

Be Clear

Your purpose should be crystal clear on the subject and pre-header.


Accept the mistake and say sorry.

Send An Offer/Compensation

If you fail to give what was written, then offer a backup.


Always stick to the brand in the apology and put humor.

Social Media

Use social media to acknowledge the error and be transparent.

If your email mistakes are on the subject line, in a link, or the content, then use the following tips below:

Subject line Oops

A mistake in the subject line will hamper your open rates. So test your emails before sending, and for that, use a placeholder subject line like “Test”, which will never let you launch the email without testing.

There might be a situation when you do not know what subject line is to be given. So put “October Newsletter” until you get a subject line.

In Follow-ups

Always put “Correction” or “Apology” on your subject line or anything relating to it as closely as possible, as this will help your reader understand the purpose of the email.

Use the pre-header for the correction details.

Content Error

If you have made a mistake on the images, contact your support team and refresh the email images. If you have made a typo or silly mistake, then address it later. 

If you send a wrong offer or wrong vital information, send the correct information quickly and say sorry.

Measuring The Impact Of Email Mistakes

As you have known the mistake, are aware of every detail, made the action plan, now it is time for you to look at how the mistake impacted you. You can get it from the reporting of the emails as to how your recipients are responding.

Look At The Open & Click Rate

Check if there is any change in your emails’ open rate.

Observe The Conversions 

Check if the conversion rate is high or low after receiving the emails.

Look At The Unsubscribe Rate

Check how many are unsubscribing your email after receiving email mistakes.

How To Avoid Email Mistakes In The Upcoming Emails? 

Use software that will help you in catching the email mistakes and take action. Look for the broken link, check if any display issues are occurring or not, and look for the subject line as attractive and effective before sending any emails.

Always make a habit of proofreading while making the final decision of sending the email. Make the team who can do the proofreading, and any minor mistakes will be changed.

Most importantly, try a/b testing.

Closing Up

Before sending it to your clients, make sure to:

  • Attempt sending it yourself.
  • Ensure that the images are perfect, links are ok, content is perfect, no rendering issues, and it fits all devices.
  • Use auto-correct to avoid email mistakes on your content.
  • Take out a printout of your email and look for the errors.
  • Try to read the email aloud, which will help to catch the mistakes easily. 

Emailing has become a crucial form of digital marketing, so it’s important to ensure that you are sending emails correctly to customers around the globe.

While there is no quick fix for avoiding mistakes in an email, this article will suggest preventing some serious damage by making email mistakes and as mentioned above steps, they should be able to help you how to proceed further if you already have made a mistake!

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