9 Tips And Tricks That Will Help Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

A majority of e-commerce stores and businesses turn to email marketing campaigns and strategies to improve their businesses. Email Marketing campaigns provide a spectrum of opportunities for a seller to connect with the buyer.

It has proved effective in a lot of places where other marketing strategies have failed. Research indicates that almost 4 billion people use Gmail every day around the world and to let go of such an advantage would be foolish. 

Email marketing campaigns are not as difficult as they may sound. A little reading into it should give you a decent idea of how to use it in your favor. But, as easy or difficult as it may sound, it does not come with a rule book.

All that it comes with is a set of suggestions to help you perfect all your emails. Once you get the hang of it, it is easy to tailor according to your requirement. 

The entire foundation of good email marketing campaigns depends on the structure and design of the email. The quality of the email alone decides whether the customer opens it and subscribes. Therefore, it is unquestionably necessary to learn the anatomy of an email. 

This article will help you learn all that goes into an email. It should give you an idea about the fundamentals of the email and what you can add to them to make them appealing. Keep reading to find out more.  

Be careful with those names and addresses

The From name appears in the inbox of a user next to your email address. It is either the name of the company, the person or the establishment. The from address is how your clients know that the mail is from you.

If your From Name is unclear, then there is a high chance your email will not be read.

Email addresses are also equally important. If your email address is registered as ‘no-reply,’ it will prompt the customer to ignore your email.

Using addresses with the company name or customer services department will convince the client to open the mail and maybe give feedback. Make sure you announce yourself clearly and professionally. 

It’s either the name of the company or the person

It is all in the subject

A study conducted by Litmus, an email marketing tool, showed that you only get four seconds to convince your customer to open an email.

This indicates that whether your customer opens your email or not depends on your Subject line because that is the first thing he/she sees.

This goes to show that a majority of your time should be invested in writing a brilliant, appealing, and creative subject line. If it is true that you get only four seconds to make the impression, make every second count.

Keep researching and exploring to perfect your Subject Lines. Several articles about email marketing campaigns are available on the internet that can help you with it. 

Write a subject line about something subscribers already wanted

Start your email with a good pre-header

The pre-header appears next to your subject in the inbox. It can influence whether or not the email will be opened. Your creative team should preferably dedicate an adequate amount of time to come up with compelling pre-headers.

They are like a continuation of the subject. So, make sure that they are convincing.

It is also a good idea to try out multiple options and conduct a trial before settling on a template. Leaving a good first impression will guarantee a higher open rate in the future.

So, make sure to research and trials before finalizing the pre-headers for your email marketing campaigns. 

Establishing a one-to-one connection is essential

Get creative with the designs

Design is what will get you the most points. Often, when the content is not up to the mark, it can brighten it up and impress your customers instantly.

Therefore, while you are delegating work to your team, remember to put the most creative ones on design.

Their expertise combined with your ideas will definitely result in templates that will be spoken of for a long time. Bear this in mind. If your content is an A at best, your design can get it up to A-plus.

Put together an appealing design and your email marketing campaigns will instantly fall into place. 

They have added the nearest store location at the end of the email

Roll up your sleeves and write an impressive email copy

The email copy is where you get to do a lot. There is a greater possibility of getting your ideas and pleas across to your customers. Giving a lot of thought to what you write in the copy is essential.

Keeping the email copy simple, to the point and humble is the safest bet. Just because it requires less attention, do not put it off until the end while you are perfecting everything else.

Work with it throughout the composition and proofread it at least thrice before you finalize it. It is also a good idea to do a lot of research about topics before including them in the copy. Keep it uncomplicated and straightforward. 

Email copy to show both the benefits they get

Timing is the key

Timing is crucial in email marketing campaigns. So, put your best team on the job. Monitor customer actions and blast off emails immediately after the transaction.

Being punctual and attentive will win you a lot of cheers. It is also preferable that you keep a calendar for all your email marketing campaigns and stick to it.

There are two advantages to this; One you can be sure that it will be sent and concentrate on something else. Two, your customers will know that you are punctual and attentive.

Mobiles are your friends. Take extra care of them

Most people read emails that are not related to work or life on mobiles. Therefore, your email should be designed and crafted to carry across its meaning at a glance.

Keep this in mind, your customer will scroll through promotional emails leisurely. They are not going to notice it.

Therefore, make it brief and to the point. Every email that is read is a point in your favor and, long, boring emails are not going to fetch you those points. 

Responsive HTML Email template

Let the images do the talking

Images can be a great ally. Use them wisely. And if you are doubtful, hire someone professional because little mistakes can prove disastrous.

Think about this, images are the best way to relay a message when the customer is not interested in reading a text. A catchy image with a decent color scheme and crisp text is a great way to catch your customer’s attention.

Therefore, be very careful with them and everything related to them. Triple check and make sure that every detail is nailed down before you give your email marketing campaigns a go-ahead. 

Sync images with your message

Close with a bang

Closing remarks are your chance to leave your customers with something to think about. If they took the time to read and pay attention to your email, they deserve thanks.

Be polite, humble, and grateful in your closing remarks, and make sure you make promises that you are sure to keep up. It is your one opportunity to make an enduring impact. Do not let it go easy.

CTA Ending

Here is something to keep in mind

Crafting and designing an email is only the first step. Many other things need to be done before your designs leave the room and are in the inbox. Take extreme care while editing and proofreading.

Ensure that you store a copy of every template you finalize and make sure to do multiple test runs before beginning out an email. We also advise you to conduct thorough research before venturing into email marketing. It will help you formulate and improvise ideas as you get better.

 Most importantly, if you are unsure or unaware of the process, hire a professional email service provider like Optimite. We are experienced and will make the process simpler for you. 

We hoped to give you a better understanding of the fundamentals of an email through this article. However, if you are intimidated by the complexities of email marketing, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be glad to help. 

At Optimite, we know that building a strong company doesn’t happen overnight. We’re here to be your support along the way, offering our products and services to help you on your journey.

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