A Powerful Support Guide To ‘Email Bounce’ In 2021

Have you ever came to a situation when you have sent your emails and found that your subscribers didn’t receive them? How you felt, frustrated, right! When a message or email comes back to you as it couldn’t deliver, it is known as Email bounce. 

We will be looking at;

  • Bounce Emails 
  • Causes for Email Bounce
  • Ways to Prevent it 

Let’s get started

What is Email Bounce?

If you have, send an email, and it fails to deliver, you get a bounce back email in return. Every mail has to pass through several mail transfer agents. These transfer agents will guarantee a secured delivery of email. When any transfer agent finds that the email cannot be delivered, it bounces back with an error message to the sender. 

What are the side-effects of Email Bounce on Business?

There are various side-effects of email bounce which any of the business has to face, but we will be looking at the major ones;

  • It makes your marketing strategy less effective
  • Never let you achieve your target
  • Hamper the sender’s reputation
  • Collaboration with the Email Service provider may get affected
  • Emails getting dump at spam folder may make you a spammer 

What do you understand by Bounce rate?

Bounce rate is calculated by the percentage of emails that are getting rejected or failed to deliver and comes back with an error message. It can be derived by dividing the total number of email bounce by the total number of emails you have sent multiplied by 100. 

Try to have 2% or less than that as your bounce rate. 

How can your Email Bounce Impact Deliverability? 

If you are going with a high bounce rate, then you may face these consequences;

Developing Bad Reputation

Email service providers check for IP addresses that send emails which are often getting a bounce back. On this, they get to know about the sender’s reputation. 

Getting into Blacklist

If you are repeatedly sending bounce emails, then the sender’s IP address will put you on the blacklist. 

Making your account Suspended

If your bounce rate is too high in any marketing campaigns, your account might get suspended or few days or forever. 

Waste of Money

Every message has its charge on it. If your emails are getting a bounce, then it will be a total waste of money. It will only increase your marketing campaign cost, and the ROI will be low. 

What are the 8 types of Email Bounce?

All the marketers should know the types of bounce emails to get the right solution for it. Let’s check the 8 main email bounce;

Hard Bounce

If your recipient’s email address is invalid or no longer in use, then there will be a permanent delivery failure of the emails. This can also happen due to typo errors while writing the email address. 

Soft Bounce

A bounce happens when an issue from the side of recipients’ as their email server is shutdown or technical issues. Also, it can happen if the file size is too large or the mailbox exceeds the permissible limit. 

Transient Bounce

This happens when there is a delay in delivering the email. But don’t worry, as soon as the server gets to fix, the email is sent on time. These emails will not be required any actions from the users. But if the delivery fails, then it will be called a hard bounce. 

General Bounce

This happens when your mail server cannot get the email message delivered; moreover, it is not clear. 


If the recipients have blocked the sender’s mail server as spam, then the mails will not be delivered. Also, it can happen if the sender’s IP domain is blacklisted or having inappropriate links. 

Auto Reply

In this, the response will be automated by the sender. 

Negative Feedback 

This is a bounce email with an attached message by the ISP’s Feedback report. This occurs when your mails become offensive, fraud, or abusive. 

Challenge-Response Message

This happens when an automated response with a challenge from the subscriber is sent to the sender. In this, the response will be a link, which is filled manually and not automated. Later the mail gets delivered to the recipients. 

What are the solutions to avoid Email Bounce?

I hope you got a clear picture of what is bounce emails, their effects and their types. Now check the solutions to avoid bounced emails.

Make a proper sign-up form.

It is important to have a contact list to send emails. You have to design an attractive sign-up form that will influence people to provide their email address and personal information. Use a good captcha system that will never let bots to show fake sign-ups. 

Use Double-Opt In 

Double-opt in is more effective than the single-opt in the method. In this, the subscribers will enter their email address and personal information and click the submit button. 

Later they will get a confirmation email with a link. Once they click on the link, the user’s email address is added to the mailing list. This will give you a valid and proper email address. 

Use Clean Email List

Always clean your email list as there are chances when you have email addresses that are not valid or improper. So there should be a regular clean-up. Look for those subscribers who are not active or their emails are not active and try to remove them as it will save a lot of money and time. 

Update your information in the Email List

You have to update your contact list regularly. You can do this by amending the spelling errors or can take the other option as avoiding the usage of generic email addresses. 

Try to find out how the users will update their information and make the changes in your email list. 

Schedule your emails

If you are regular with your mailing, it will never let users forget that they have taken the option of getting emails. As per the engagement of the users, try to send them emails. 

Wrapping Up

If you have high email bounce rates, it will affect your delivery rate, subscriber’s engagement, reputation, conversion rates of potential clients, and ROI. 

Look at the information given above and save your emails from bouncing back with an error. For more details, check our Optimite Website

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