Effective Email Marketing Metrics for 2021 And What Is CTOR?

Email marketing, unlike other forms of marketing, helps you to pinpoint very precise details and insights about your subscribers. Each campaign you submit contains nuggets of information about your readers, such as what drives them to visit your site (or not). Open rates and click-through rates are crucial indicators of your email marketing metrics. The open rate is well-known among advertisers, but what about the click-to-open rate (CTOR)?

We’ll go through some main email marketing metrics (including CTOR) and what they mean for your email marketing.

Email Marketing Metrics 101

how are marketers measuring success

Email Marketing Metrics | Source: neilpatel.com

Let’s look at some of the most popular email marketing metrics used by marketers before diving into CTOR. You’re probably still aware of these figures, if not living and breathing them. Let’s have a look at them.

Email Open Rate

The total number of people who opened an email campaign is known as the open email rate. Your open rate will be 24 percent if you mailed to a list of 750 people, and 180 of them responded, which is a good average.

Of course, several factors affect your open rate, but a healthy open rate is usually between 20 and 40%.

Click-Through Rate

The percentage of the audience who clicked a link or any linked picture inside an email is known as the click-through rate. To continue our previous example, if you have a list of 750 people and 100 of them click on a link, your click-through rate is approximately 14%.

This number, like the open rate, is determined by the number of links in your email and how persuasive the content is.

Let’s talk about CTOR now that we’ve covered open and click-through prices.

What is CTOR?

The click-to-open rate (CTOR), which basically tests the efficacy of your email’s material, is an email marketing metric that marketers aren’t as familiar with. The total number of unique clicks are divided by the number of unique opens yields this metric.

Email click to open rate

Email Click-to-Open Rate | Source: brainpulse.com

Using our current example, 100 clicks / 180 opens (multiplied by 100 for a percentage) = 55%. This, like all other email measurements, is subject to change depending on how good the content is. A strong CTOR will be in the range of 20-30%.

CTOR is a strong indication of how valuable the content is to your subscribers since it is dependent on the number of unique opens. Your readers may want to click through to learn more if your links, style, copy, and overall content are interesting.

Build your own email marketing metrics for the best results. Don’t just depend on average figures. These reported figures cover a wide range of sectors, list sizes, and participation, enhancing the value of your own benchmarks.

Examine the CTOR figures for each of your email campaigns and compare them to your personal average. Even better, if you send various types of emails, keep track of the CTOR for each one.

Tips On How To Make Your Email More Clickable

Now that we’ve covered the click-through rate and other email marketing metrics, let’s look at some tips for making your email more engaging.

Make It Scannable

Since everybody is busy, most of your subscribers may not have time to read your entire email. Make your emails more scannable to help frantic readers get the most important information.

People read content on the internet differently than they would in print. Break up your points into easy-to-read bits to satisfy their needs in your inbox.

Also, make sure the most valuable information is first, and then add photos and links to support it.

Use Dynamic Content

Make sure the readers see content that is tailored to them: This is possible with dynamic material.

Dynamic content is an email experience that is tailored to the recipient’s demographics, data, and email preferences.

You can display the best content for their interests based on what you know about your recipient. Add entire parts of a text, photos, or even call-to-action buttons depending on who’s reading the email, rather than just a person’s name.

Your reader is more likely to click through if the material is interesting to them.

Design For Conversion

Of course, you want your email to be successful and persuade your recipients to click through, so keep a few design tips in mind when you write it.

  • Images: Use the best photos you can find of your product or service. Emails are no exception when it comes to visually pleasing content.
  • Good copy: Good copy will improve the engagement of your material. Your copy should emphasize how your product will enhance the experience of your readers. Another excellent potential for custom content exists here.
  • Make it simple to click: This will seem self-evident, but make sure your email contains enough links to encourage your reader to click. To direct your readers, use smart, easy-to-spot calls to action.
Design For Conversion

Design For Conversion | Source: mailbakery.com

Wrapping Up

Email marketing metrics are critical for ensuring that your email marketing is on target to meet your objectives.

Learn which approaches are working well and which ones need assistance using email insights and reporting. Note that your emails and subscribers aren’t static, so tweak and monitor your campaigns as required.

At Optimite, we know that building a strong company doesn’t happen overnight. We’re here to be your support along the way, offering our products and services to help you on your journey.

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