6 Email Template Tips To Boost Sales For E-Commerce Email Marketing

E-commerce email marketing is one of those gems that were discovered by one and sought after by many. Emails replaced the elaborate letters and newspaper ads in the business world long back. But the art of sending a convincing email to a customer is still being pursued by many. 

Consumers around the world have shifted to shopping online during the pandemic. But, they still expect all the niceties they have been used to in physical establishments.

While e-commerce stores ingenious AIso have replaced salespersons with their lifelike user interfaces, they haven’t been able to replicate the feel of having a human answer, greet and be polite to their customers. Here is where e-commerce email marketing strategies have come in handy. 

But, learning and mastering this craft is not easy. But, that is no reason not to try it or include it in your marketing strategy. 

In a world where outsourcing has more benefits than hiring, getting a service provider to design and craft e-commerce email marketing templates should not be hard. These email service providers have mastered the craft and can wield it well. 

However, you cannot bombard your customers with a thousand emails every day. Remember, it is a business transaction to you, but to your customers, it is communication with someone they trust, someone they are ready to give their money. So, be very careful about the emails you send your customers. 

But, to make things simpler and give you an idea of all that e-commerce email marketing includes, let’s categories them into these six types:

  • Cart Abandonment
  • Post Purchase
  • Replenishment
  • Retention
  • Welcome
  • Win Back

Of course, many designs and templates are part of each of these categories. But, to understand the nitty-gritty of e-commerce email marketing, you need to be familiar with these six categories. Once you master them, you can use them in any way you wish to. 

So, let’s break it down. Let us talk about each of these categories.

Look out for those abandoned carts.

If e-commerce email marketing were a three-course meal, then cart abandonment emails would be the main course. They are that important.

Abandoned carts contain up to 40% of your unclaimed revenue. Letting an abandoned cart go untouched and unaddressed will affect your ROI immensely. And this is the intent behind sending cart abandonment emails. 

The bonus to a cart abandonment email is that it shows your customer that you care, that you pay attention, that they are not just money to be cashed. They will welcome it and, so will your pocket. So, stop dozing off in front of the wheel. Drive the car home with charming e-commerce email marketing templates for abandoned carts.  

Cart Abandonment Email

Completion of a transaction is the beginning of a conversation.

Post Purchase emails are conversation starters. A simple thank you after a transaction is not going to make your customers want to come back.

However, simple and personally crafted post-purchase emails will.

Remember, behind that sciency AI interacting with your customer is a person in flesh and bone. Be polite, send them your regards, inform them about the ETA, keep the conversation crisp and lively. Post Purchase can take you a long way in gaining your customer’s loyalty. Don’t let those newly depost Psigned e-commerce email marketing templates go to waste.

Post Purchase Email

Remind them to replenish.

A lot of customers buy consumable and perishable goods on a monthly or fortnightly basis. It might so happen that once in a while, they might not come back the next month to restock essentials. It can be a profitable transaction you just lost.

Don’t let it slide unnoticed. Send them an email. Include offers on things that they usually buy and recommend products that they might find attractive. E-commerce email templates are an excellent way to engage with them as well as boost business. 

Replenishment Email

Retain your dormant customers.

Not all customers stick through or come back. It might be for many reasons. But, let your communication not be one of them. When you believe that a customer might not come back, send them an email with offers or incentives. To avoid doing this altogether, make sure that you keep in constant touch with them.

Celebrate a milestone, wish them on birthdays, remind them about their wishlists, send recommendations. Keep the conversational ball rolling. They will appreciate the pampering and will stay for a long time.

Retention Email

Welcome your customers with a big, bright smile.

A welcome, a thank you, a sorry can help you win many battles. Everyone loves a polite seller, someone who appreciates them and values their contribution. In the e-commerce world, Welcome emails fill the role of a polite seller.

This single email will determine the relationship you will share with your customer. Craft it well and craft it nice. It might be advantageous to throw in a welcome offer as well. Remember to be polite, appreciative, and respectful. 

Welcome Email

Let us bring those bygones back.

Winning back lost customers is a pain. It also sometimes is impossible. But not trying will only prove that you don’t care. Remember, every customer you welcome, old or new, is an asset. Nudge your customers. Send them offers and incentives, ask them to come back and shop. Engage with them all over again and give it one last chance. They are indispensable to your business. Make them feel that. Use attractive and well-crafted e-commerce email templates and give it all you have. They might come back. important

Win Back Email

Before you jump into e-commerce email marketing, remember, 

E-commerce marketing is a tough job but one which is necessary. Get it right and, if you are not confident, hire a service provider. But, ignoring it is not an option.

Most importantly, remember that your customer is used to getting pampered and, a programmed AI is not going to make them feel comfortable. Include yourself in the process and begin a healthy conversation with them.

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