Dark Mode Emails – 4 Effective Ways To Make User-Friendly Emails In Dark Mode

While dark mode has been predominantly seen on social media, it is now making its way into our inboxes in the form of dark mode emails. Currently available for almost all apps now, there are a variety of reasons to switch the setting from default white background with black text or bright blue backgrounds with light gray fonts.

The dark mode craze has taken over the world, and it’s not just limited to social media. Nowadays we’re seeing messages with a more muted color scheme coming into our inboxes as well!

You might have heard it before but if you’re not familiar with what Dark Mode is? It was inverted long ago but never came into existence until Apple started using them on their smartphones and desktops later followed by the introduction of such features as Dark Mode emailing services via Google Mail or other social media applications.

Due to its coolness, eye-catching design, and ease of use, the popularity of this mode has increased in recent years. It saves battery life by reducing screen brightness which increases the reading interest for those who are on their phone often.

Putting dark mode emails on your marketing strategy can help you gain more readers and engagement. Research has shown that the small change of having a darker background to contrast with brighter text is effective, but there are also other reasons why it’s worth trying out this new feature for emailing clients.

Dark Mode emails are the way to go. We have come up with some amazing tips for making your customer engagement even better:

Optimize Emails For Both Light & Dark Mode

Do you know that not all customers like to take dark mode emails? Make sure your designs follow this in mind. Always make email design for both light and dark modes, because some readers will be inverting messages without any prompting. This brings up a point where there needs to always be rendering no matter what they are using as their ‘dark or light.

A dark mode can make your email easier on the eyes and more enjoyable to read. But be careful, too much color or not enough colors will give readers an uncomfortable experience which might cause them to unsubscribe from emails!

Try to balance the color combination, working for both the dark mode and light mode emails. After designing your emails, try to run it over different devices and check if it works efficiently.

Optimize Emails For Both Light & Dark Mode

Dark Mode Emails | Source : Litmus

Test Your Emails

The messages you send to your customers can be tweaked for a better experience. But this will give more work to designers and developers who are constantly working on new emails, so they should test their designs regularly too. You must keep in mind that even small changes need testing for the best customer experience before the email goes live!

Successful marketing campaigns are those whose dark mode emails and light mode emails work efficiently. When developing your emails, put some different shades and fonts as black and white don’t always look good. After developing, test your email and get ready to get positive results.

Use Transparent Images

As we know that images bring extra attention to the readers. When you are going for any marketing campaign, it is important to put images that will work efficiently on the dark mode emails. 

The images used normally are non-transparent, which means that they will have white or other background colors behind the image. When you are putting on the light mode emails, these white backgrounds are not visible, but it is clear when set on the dark mode emails and might disturb your readers. There can be a difficulty when you fail to control your background color, but you have to avoid it, or your readers will not be reading your dark mode emails.

So, use transparent images for the dark mode emails. These transparent images will help you from color or white background, making your dark mode emails more attractive.

Be Careful with Text

Text is another element that has to be looked at when designing your dark mode emails. Start avoiding pure white text on images or all-black backgrounds. If you are not doing it, then it will make your text invisible. The same goes with the black text in your dark mode emails. Try to use white text for the dark mode emails and black text for the light mode emails.

Text Alignment with dark mode emails


The dark mode trend is a major change that marketers need to address in their email marketing campaigns. Emails with this new style are growing popular among readers and your message will resonate better on the same platform. Dark emails can also help reduce eye strain, making them more appealing for both consumers and designers alike who spend hours each day staring at screens of all shapes and sizes!

The use of dark mode emails is growing in popularity. We hope you found some useful tips here! If you’re having trouble designing your own dark mode emails or templates for an app, feel free to contact us.

Our team has experience in creating all sorts of designs – from web design to development services, so we’ll have no problem tackling your project too! 

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