Cyber Monday Email Examples With Subject Line Strategy + Examples To Inspire Your Holiday Email Campaign

Cyber Monday is the day after Thanksgiving, and it’s one of the biggest online shopping days in America and falls on November 26th. It’s typically more popular than Black Friday because people can still get deals before Christmas. Cyber week is Cyber Monday through Thursday!

It makes sense that every business should be ready for this huge spending holiday by having a well-defined Cyber Monday email marketing strategy to promote their brand.

Why every eCommerce business needs a Cyber Monday strategy for holiday email marketing?

Every eCommerce business should have a Cyber Monday plan for their holiday email campaigns since that Cyber Monday is the busiest and the most important date in terms of revenue generation when looking at all internet sales worldwide during this time period.

What makes Cyber Monday special is how much money you can make through it which means if your business wants to grow then they should really focus on having a good strategy with respect towards Cyber Monday specifically. 

How To Create Cyber Monday Email Subject Lines

A study found that 69% of email recipients mark an email as spam based on the subject line alone

The best subject lines help keep your bounce rates low, opening rates high, and deliverability even higher.

If your email doesn’t get opened, no one will see all the great Cyber Monday deals you’re offering. They might even end up shopping with a competitor who’s just better at crafting the right content for subject lines!

So, don’t let your amazing Cyber Monday campaign go unnoticed! Make sure to grab the attention of everyone you know with a great subject line.

Make them so intrigued by your subject line, they have to click it open

5 ways to make people curious about your Cyber Monday email subject line.

  • Where should your tone of voice be when you ask a question? Your tone should be more inclined towards creating emotions for the ready but mostly inducing curiosity.
  • Start telling a story, “Open up to find…”. By doing this you create curiosity to know what is inside the email, so you open it. 
  • Surprise them or go against what they are expecting, “Cyber Monday Sucks”
  • Claim to have some information you might not have yet, “Mystery Sale! Click open find out your savings”.
  • An effective way of increasing revenue is by implementing an abandoned cart email strategy. This works especially well for combining the strategies with Cyber Monday discounts.

Send them reminders or imply to know something that they have forgotten, “Remember the first time when…”, “Do you remember this? We do!”

Adding emojis to your Cyber Monday subject line can be a good strategy 

Emojis have become just a hit and Cyber Monday is a great time to use emojis in eCommerce subject lines.

Emojis help in grabbing the reader’s attention sooner and makes your email stand out your inbox full of emails.

Did you know? As per SendPulse,

Using emojis leads to an open rate of 56% compared to text-based emails.

The black sun increases the open rate by 15% & the umbrella emoji increase the open rate by a whopping 50%!

That said, you know your brand best. If emojis don’t represent the values and goals of your business or organization then it is inadvisable to use them for email marketing campaigns aimed at increasing customer engagement.

Put percent-offs and discount offers in your Cyber Monday subject line

The subject line should be something like “25% OFF TODAY ONLY” or “ANNOUNCE: 25% off sale today only!”

Instead of being afraid to share your specific Cyber Monday deals, be excited! Be eager about it. 

If you include a percent-off discount in the subject line of your email, there is an 18.1% chance that someone will read it and convert on whatever deal or offer you have included. However, if no specific deals are mentioned in the subject line only 3.8% may open/read your message!

Last-Minute Cyber Monday Subject Lines 

“This Is Your Last Chance To Save..”

“Last Call! Cyber Monday ends in 5 hours!”

“Black Friday extended for one last day!”

“Last Chance to Save This Cyber Weekend”

“It’s The Final Stretch! Last Hours To Save Big”

“Cyber Monday Sale… 24 HOURS ONLY”

“Stop What You’re Doing! The Cyber Sale Is Almost Over!”

“Cyber Monday Countdown: 3 Hours Left”

“We’re Down..No yet! Last Few Hours Left”

“Our Once-In-A-Year Sale Is Almost Over!”

Sale-sy Cyber Monday Subject Lines 

“Cyber Monday Sales – Up to 70% Off!:

“Save an extra 10% this Monday only”

“50% Off Storewide! #CyberMonday”

“Wake Up! Our Sale Continues with 25% Off”

“A WHOPPING 60% Off”

“Cyber Monday Sale Starts Today! | 35% Off Site-Wide”


“20% OFF CYBER MONDAY! Ready for this?”

“INSIDE: Our Cyber Monday Offer”

“Save up to 70% this Cyber week”

Cyber Monday Subject Line Examples with Emoji’s

“FLASH SALE | 60% OFF ⏳”

“30% off sitewide 💾 Cyber Monday Sale!”

“🤖 30% Off Everything + Free Shipping”


“😱 Just hours left!!! Cyber Monday Coupons INSIDE!!”

“💥 Cyber Monday Sale is LIVE! 💥”

“👇Better Than Their Deals☝️”

“🚨 NEW DEAL!! Extra 40% off ONLY FOR TONIGHT”

“🤑 50% Off Inside 🤑”

“🚨 Cyber Monday Flash Sale 🚨”

Cyber Monday Email Examples 


Eye-Catching GIFs

Create Urgency

Big Promises

Extended Sales


Tech-Themed Background

Reflect Brand Personality 

Mobile Optimization

Free Shipping

Old School Tech

Hacker/Cyber Themes

Simple Wordplay

Times & Countdowns

Roll-Over Image

AMP Carousel


Attention-Grabbing Color

Multiple Offers


Cyber Monday is just around the corner! Whether it’s a general promotion or dedicated holiday campaign, eCommerce businesses need to make sure their emails are capturing customers’ attention. 

We have provided some of the best practices for creating compelling subject lines and examples of cyber Monday campaigns that work in order to get you started with crafting an effective email this season.

If you want help getting ready for Cyber Monday (and beyond) contact our team today! 

We offer consulting services where we can craft personalized plans based on your company’s goals and budget requirements with respect to email design and development. Which technique below do you think would be most useful when creating your own holiday email marketing plan?

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