CRM and Email Marketing – The Best Guide Of 2021 To Retain Repeated Buyers

Customer relationship management or CRM and email marketing are the two things that have some similarities and go side by side. In both cases, we will find that customers are taken as their primary focus.

Next, they both try to adopt complete marketing automation to boost their tasks.

One of the research shows that 54% of the marketer believed in CRM and email marketing with automation for their marketing campaigns.

So, in short, there is a connection between CRM and email marketing with automation. But how can they optimize and make the best out of it?

Customer Relationship Management Vs Email marketing

We can’t choose to serve better. Both CRM and email marketing should align to give the best customer service. Currently, all businesses are opting for CRM and email marketing to make proper communication with their customers. Moreover, repeat buyers are those customer segment that is accessible and lucrative for any business.

The marketers have to invest a lot of time and effort in building and maintaining a relationship with them. All the repeat buyers want attention, and their brands should hear them. Email marketing plays a vital role in this and uses CRM to get the data to make a follow-up with their customers.

Ways in which the CRM and email marketing integration aid customer communication: 

  • Personalizing
  • Segmenting
  • Following up
  • Automating

Build a relationship with CRM and Email Marketing

CRM has an advantage in that it records and tracks client interactions at every stage and condition for any period of time. Later you can use this information and insights on your repeat buyers. All this information can inform and improve your email marketing communication. 

Let us check how it can happen.

Personal Data to Personalize

We can say that the CRM system is the best way to collect your customers’ personal data and later use these data as data-mine, which can directly or indirectly influence building your emails. 

We can look into the 3 types of emails you can design and personalize with customer’s data. 

  • Birthday / Anniversary Offers

Currently, in all the CRM forms, a common question is asked- your birthday. These can be found on the merchant site, subscription form, or some page of interaction. This is the best detail which you can make your repeat customers feel special. Most big brands use their customer’s birthday to give them some small offers and make them feel remembered. 

  • Milestone Celebrations / ‘Thank You’ Notes

Customers love to feel nostalgic. Showing the customer’s journey with their brand from their first sign-up, their first purchase, and the number of days connected and buying products. All these can be gathered from the CRM and make a celebration with your customers and sent a sentimental email or a Thank you note. 

  • Customized Recommendations

Not just personalize your emails rather make them customize. Your brand should speak differently for different sets of customers. Emails can differ in the repeat buyers’ preferences and purchase patterns covering merchandise categories, purchase volume, price ranges, etc. Using CRM and email marketing to build a customized email.

Activity Status to Advocate

Does your brand track the activities of repeat buyers? Do they regularly engage or take an interest? Since when they made their last transaction? What’s the subscription status of your subscribers?

Every query will be answered with your automation at the CRM system. The customer’s dashboard will offer you leads on your email marketing to repeat buyers.

We will be showing you 3 forms of emails you can produce from your CRM and email marketing for customer relationships.

  • Reactivation Encouragement

Suppose it has been a long time that one of your loyal customers made a purchase. Make them aware of how valuable they are for your brand. Design a subject line that will show them that they are missed or try to give them some offer or incentive to bring their attention towards you. 

  • Reminder to Renew

If you are making an engagement at the first level, that will be advantageous for both the brands and the buyers. Don’t let them go away. With subscription-based merchandise and services, continuing to trend will remind every customer about their subscription’s detailed explanation. 

  • Subscription Offer

Always try to give or reward a bit more to your high-valuable customers or most engaging customers. It is not that complicated, and you don’t have to go deep into your CRM information. Segment your customers with their current activities and subscription status and mail them your offer email.

Spinning the Social Media Angle

For a couple of years, when social media came into their own, brands were within the dark on the way to listen in on their customer’s voices on the platforms. With the combination of social media into your CRM and email marketing can make this happen, it’s become simple to trace what customers are saying and take measures as per it.

Built a list of your repeat buyers who are more engaged with social media and try to send emails on their surfing, scrolling, and sharing. 

Here are the 3 varieties of emails that you can have a look;

  • Influencer Network Building

Every brand needs to perform influencer network building. You can design unique communication for your customers who are more active on social pages. Try to give incentive or appreciate the efforts which they are making.

  • Offers on Review / Feedback

Always try to get customer feedback or reviews on their experience and products. This will keep you ahead of others, and you can make the changes as per their interest. It will increase the level of satisfaction of the customers. You can do this feedback at the merchant site, on social media, or through a survey form.

Wrapping Up 

I suppose you got the insight on how to leverage your CRM data into email marketing by focusing on repeat buyers. Look at the CRM data and customize your email in a way that can fill the gap between your brand and customers. 

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