Business Emails, 10 Important Types And Which One Should Businesses Use in 2021

Businesses who are looking for ways to increase their customer base should consider all marketing strategies available, especially email. And it’s very important to go through the types of business emails that will work. 

What is the best email for businesses? There’s no single email that does it all, there are many types of emails meant for different desired outcomes.

Business emails are a great way to get your company’s name out there, are usually delivered quicker than snail mail, and can be tracked for open rates as well. When you’re looking at the best ways to do email marketing for businesses, make sure that it fits with what your customers want or need from you!

Email Marketing for Businesses

Did you know that 85% of email recipients prefer opening their emails in the morning? And did you also know that there are over 7,000 inboxes per person on average and most people have a shorter attention span than a goldfish (which is 8 seconds)?

In this case, what can businesses do to attract traffic towards them and ensure our business emails are opened by the customer? There are numerous methods and designs for types of emails.

Let us explore these types of emails, and figure out the best set of business email options for your business.

Types of Emails

Review/Request/Feedback Emails

Feedback Emails | Source:

Review requests are a request for the customer to review their experience with you. This creates an opportunity for people in similar situations as yourself and helps them make informed decisions about what businesses to visit or not so much!

When To Use This Type of Email:

  • When you want credible information about sources 
  • When you want information about your product or service
  • When you want feedback
  • When you want to boost your SEO

Welcome Emails

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Welcome emails are a great way to welcome new customers. They allow for the introduction of your company and products, all in one single business email! If done correctly, these can help increase customer satisfaction and lower churn rates by giving them reasons to come back again.

When To Use This Type of Email:

  • When you’re reaching out to your customers for the first time
  • When you want to boost business metrics
  • When you start a business 
  • When you want to share new offerings & promotions 

Transactional Emails

Transactional Emails |

Transactional emails are the messages you send to customers after they purchase a product. These types of business email correspondence must be brief and polite with limited text so that it’s not too bothersome for recipients. They’re usually confirmation, shipping, and tracking information updates as well as any other pertinent details related to their order or payment such as gift cards used in your store.

When To Use This Type of Email:

  • When you need to send product confirmation & other details
  • When you have custom-designed CTA’s to work with

Sponsorship Emails

Sponsorship Emails | Source:

The business email campaigns you think of in terms of sponsorship are usually advertising a product or service. This type is one that has the goal to generate awareness for something new. 

Sponsorship emails may also be just general marketing outreach like newsletters about company events with discounts attached at the end of promotions where people can enter their name into a raffle drawing if they fill out certain information from within the message body (e.g., filling out contact info).

When To Use This Type of Email:

  • When you have highly specific information about your target audience
  • When you have information about ROI and track other results
  • When you have funding & the right resources
  • When you want to collect valuable information

Newsletter Emails

Newsletters | Source:

Newsletters are an excellent way to keep in contact with your loyal subscribers. They have been around for decades and they’re still going strong. They allow companies of all sizes the opportunity to share their latest updates and announcements via email – which means customers don’t need to rely on social media posts alone anymore because those come so frequently now! 

Did you know that email newsletters are proven to be more engaging? In fact, 31% of B2B marketers say the best way to nurture leads is by email newsletters.

 When To Use This Type of Email:

  • When you want to increase brand awareness
  • When you want to give updates consistently
  • When you want to send different types of content in a single emailer
  • When you want to re-use old published content

Brand Story Emails

What are brand story emails? If you’re not already familiar, they are a form of email marketing for businesses that tells the company’s backstory and shares how new products fit into their history. They can be used as an introduction to customers or potential ones too!

When To Use This Type of Email:

  • When you want to create an emotional connection with your customers
  • When you want to share brand awareness
  • When you want to establish credibility with potential customers

Lead Nurturing Emails

Lead Nurturing Emails | Source:

Lead nurture campaigns can help keep your leads engaged. You do this by sending customers targeted emails that will keep them on board and interested enough to respond positively when contacted again with a sales pitch. You should always try these out at different stages of the customer’s lifecycle, from initial contact all the way through consideration for purchase or sign-up—it won’t hurt!            

 When To Use This Type of Email:

  • When you want engagement from your leads
  • When you have new leads to connect with 
  • When you are completely familiar with the target audience

Re-Engagement Emails

re-Engagement Emails | Source:

Re-engagement emails are a way for marketers to try and get people who have previously purchased from them or interacted with their brand on social media but haven’t been active in recent months, back onto the site.

They typically contain some sort of discount offer. In order to make them feel appreciated by the company. Also well as encourage them to check out new products which may interest them.

When To Use This Type of Email:

  • When you want to win back old customers
  • When you want to re-organize your customer information

Dedicated Emails

Dedicated Emails | Source:

Dedicated emails are when your business sends only one business email per day from the same address. This is especially useful for those who want more personalization in their interactions with customers and clients. 

            When To Use This Type of Email:

  • When there is only one goal or a single call-to-action

Thank You Emails

Thank You Emails | Source:

Thankyou emails are meant to show emotion and appreciation. 

When To Use This Type of Email:

  • When an order is placed
  • When you want to thank your customers

Thank you emails are meant to show emotion to your customer. Whether it’s appreciation or simply gratitude.


In the end, there is no answer to “What is the best email for business?”. No best business emails for a business or the perfect type of email. Businesses need to juggle the right ones that are necessary for them to juggle with. 

Some people prefer the in-box experience, while others appreciate newsletters & updates delivered straight to their inboxes so study your audience carefully.

Fortunately, in 2021 business owners, have tools at their disposal. These tools allow businesses to experiment until we find one the ones that suit all of our needs. Try and experiment before investing your energy and resources. 

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