10 Effective Techniques To Boost Sales For Black Friday Email Campaign With Examples

Make your Black Friday emails stand out this year by utilizing these marketing techniques. With the Black Friday holiday season right around the corner, this is a perfect time to boost your sales with some pre-planning for the big day!

Everyone must be eagerly awaiting for Black Friday to come. It’s the most exciting shopping time of the year, after all! I’m sure people have already started their holiday shopping or at least begun exploring offers and deals online in preparation for this big event, right?

Let’s get started.

10 Techniniques For Boosting Sales With Black Friday Email Campaigns

Plan In Advance

Black Friday will be even more important for retailers this year. It’s a crucial time to set goals, choose an audience, and analyze what worked well last holiday season so you can build upon your strategy for boosting your Black Friday sales.

Customers receive a huge volume of offers during these hectic days, so you must build a winning strategy that targets your core audience. Have a look at the data and analyze what goals can be achieved in order to make this upcoming year even more successful than before!

While creating your Black Friday Email Campaign Strategy, question the following statements.

  • What worked for you last year and what all did not.
  • What did your competitors do and how did they do.
  • Your most successful products last year and these past few weeks.
  • How you can improve your segmentation strategies to send the right message to the right audience.

Shoppers are tech-savvy and know how to prepare their shopping for the best deals on Black Friday. They do online research before purchasing, 81% of consumers are now doing this. Send them pre-sale emails with a little teaser of what’s to come and give all information they need to make an informed decision at least one week beforehand.

Get The Right Black Friday Email Template

When planning out the design of an attractive and functional Black Friday campaign, it can be helpful to have some templates on hand that you’ve used in years past as inspiration for particular situations or projects. You’ll also want to consider what is most effective about those emails as well — there may even be aspects within each one that isn’t worth replicating exactly but provide good ideas regardless!

Last Black Friday, we saw many unappealing sale campaigns with multiple CTAs and a kaleidoscope of colors.

While designing your Black Friday Email, follow these rules.

  • A simple yet effective structure with columns is essential for email marketing. Since the majority of users read their emails on a mobile device, it’s best to keep your layout clean and easy to read.
  • Try to add visuals. Images and text should be presented in a ratio of about 60/40.
  • Make sure the size and alignment of your text are consistent throughout all forms of communication.
  • When deciding which CTA buttons to use, consider using contrasting colors. Make sure that the chosen color contrasts from everything else on your page so it is easily noticeable to visitors and they can quickly take action if desired.

Carefully Leverage Email Content 

Companies are putting out content-less Black Friday emails that look beautiful but tell you nothing about the sale.

So, first of all, don’t get us wrong – we just told you to make sure your emails look appealing and organized. They should be aesthetically pleasing and well-designed. But you also need to ensure that design is paired with compelling content!

Companies are taking advantage of this with minimalist designs for their Black Friday sales even though they don’t contain any useful information or details on what is being sold during the holiday season because it looks good aesthetically!

To Be Or Not To Be Mysterious?

Be careful to not only focus on the discount in your emails but also to showcase your products too. Make sure that there is enough context so everyone knows who you are and what you offer. Unless everyone knows about your brand.

When it comes to Black Friday Email Marketing, you can’t just rely on a sleek design and good CTA. This could work fine when launching something new that’s mysterious and has some suspenseful effect like revealing what the deal will be at the end of an email sequence or campaign. But this isn’t about mystery; we’re talking about one of the most competitive times in inboxes so there shouldn’t be any surprises as to what you’ll actually sell for your deals this year!

Create The Sense Of Urgency 

Black Friday has long been a staple of the holiday shopping season but also works as a great marketing strategy for business campaigns

Start creating some irresistible Black Friday offers by showcasing unique seasonal discounts and exclusive limited-time promotions.

Black Friday also works wonders by appealing to our sense that we might miss out if we don’t buy something right away – FOMO kicks in when your clients believe this too! The best emails will use email copy which drives urgency to improve open and click-through rates.

Deadlines and scarcity make for an unbeatable sales pitch.

Black Friday Email | collection.optimite.net

Don’t forget to use marketing words that drive sales like – “Great/Awesome Deals!”, “Special Offer”, “Savings”, “Bonus” etc.

Black Friday Email | collection.optimite.net

Your Black Friday Email Should Follow The Brand Identity 

The holiday shopping season is an especially busy time of the year for email marketers. The competition to stand out in shoppers’ inboxes, amidst all the other brands who are also vying for their attention with deals and discounts, can feel overwhelming at times! It’s important that you get your own voice right while reflecting your brand identity during this period by leveraging unique phrasing which will help establish a stronger relationship between yourself and subscribers.

To make your customers feel like they are at home, remind them of how it feels when they connect with your brand. Whether you use humor or emotion, don’t forget what makes up the DNA that is unique to you, and write accordingly!

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Stand Out Of The Crowd

On Black Friday, your subscribers are going to have a ton of emails in their inboxes. They’ll only dedicate a few seconds to each one they get so you want yours to stand out from the rest!

An email design can greatly impact someone’s reaction to your message. To stand out in the inbox, play with elements like Videos, GIFs, interactive images, etc.

Segment and Target To Deliver Relevant Content For Black Friday Sales

Make sure your holiday emails resonate with recipients in different parts of the world and for all types of holidays. You never want to lose a potential customer because you don’t send them relevant emails.

To ensure your emails are being read by those who truly want to, you should segment. Segmenting helps target relevant users based on geographies, demographics, consumer behavior interests, and more so the list is even more accurate for better success!

Black Friday Email | Source: stripo.email


Marketing executives who used targeted, personalized email campaigns saw an increase in customer engagement by 74%. A 26% higher chance of these emails being opened was also noted. 

Personalized subject lines also help your email stand out in a jam-packed inbox full of similar offers. 

Segmenting your email lists to reach different target audiences, or using emails triggered by consumer behavior and responsive formatting are other effective ways to personalize the holiday season.

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Subject Lines & Emoji’s

Brands saw an impressive 56% increase in their unique open rates when they added emojis to the subject line.

This holiday season is a great time to try out emoticons in emails. When using them, make sure the platform you are sending it on displays emojis properly. Some platforms may not display them at all!

After crafting your Black Friday subject lines, a/b testing will help you choose the highest-performing option for your brand. A/B testing is a process that helps you determine which email subject line will lead to the best open rates.

Get Inspired By Black Friday Email Ideas With Template Examples

Less is always more! So keep it simple

Black Friday Email | collection.optimite.net

Flaunt what you got – showcase your products

Black Friday Email | collection.optimite.net

Use the power of GIFs

Black Friday Email | Source: mailbakery.com

Create excitement or trigger emotions

Giving back

Promotions are live

Sneak peeks

Flash sales or countdowns

Black Friday Email | Source: omnisend.com

Gift guides

Black Friday Email | collection.optimite.net


Black Friday Email | collection.optimite.net

Extended offers after Black Friday

Black Friday Email | collection.optimite.net

Additional Black Friday Tips

Pay attention to your customers and their shopping habits before Black Friday.

If you want to make a good impression with your email marketing, choose a responsive template and include the right number of CTAs.

One of the best ways to get your email opened is by making it seem urgent and scarce. This way, you can show that someone else needs my attention immediately or this deal won’t be available for long!

Add some carefully selected product images to highlight your top-selling products.

When someone receives an email from you, they should be able to tell within five seconds that it is coming from your company. It’s important for companies to keep their brand image in mind when sending out emails because people who receive them will learn about the sender through how professional and unique the messages look.

If you know what your audience is interested in, it’s easy to create a list of gift guides and catalogs for this year’s Black Friday email marketing campaign. They’ll love the present ideas!

To stand out in the inbox, consider adding interactive content and GIFs.

Get your customers to feel special and appreciated by providing them with an exclusive email deal. This can be a one-time coupon for their next purchase shipped free or something like that, as long as it shows appreciation for the customer.

When Black Friday is right around the corner, businesses need to take advantage of this day by creating and maintaining hype. One way that companies can do this for their email campaign is through Black Friday abandoned cart reminders.

In A Nutshell

The end of the year is always a busy time for retailers. With Black Friday around the corner, it can be even more challenging to stay on top of your email marketing game. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with 10 techniques that will help get your creative juices flowing and boost sales this holiday season! 

Whether you are looking for inspiration or have already created some emails but need new ideas, these techniques are perfect for all types of businesses during the busiest shopping season of the year. 

We hope you’ve found some inspiration in these Black Friday email campaigns and examples. You can use this information to get started on your own campaign! 

If you have any questions about how to put together an effective campaign for Black Friday, you can contact and have a free one-on-one session with our email experts.

We are always happy to help out businesses to boost sales through email marketing. With just a little bit of time and creativity, there’s no telling where your idea could lead! Happy shopping everyone!

At Optimite, we know that building a strong company doesn’t happen overnight. We’re here to be your support along the way, offering our products and services to help you on your journey.

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