Travel Industry – 5 Best Email Marketing Ideas

A few months ago, travel sounded like a far-fetched dream. But, today, things are getting better and traveling sounds like a much-needed break from monotony.

It has increased the competition in the travel industry. It has forced them to work twice as hard to retain old customers and welcome new ones. It means the old marketing strategies need to be modified.

They need to be revisited and tweaked to accommodate all the shenanigans that come with the pandemic.

Lucky for you, we have five tips that can help you improve those old strategies without having to dedicate a whole day to it. 

Travel Inspirations have never been more helpful

Travel inspirations have always been able to promote a place but, they can also help promote a travel agency and its services.

When you have taken so much care to plan a safe and fun trip for your client, why not take pride in it. Request your customers to give you reviews and use them in your emails with pictures from their trip.

Present a place in such a way that clients find it is irresistible. Make sure you jazz your templates up and make them look attractive.

Keep this in mind. You are trying to sell a trip to your client and let your instincts take care of the rest.

Travel Inspiration Emails

Personalize your trips and give offers on them

Since the lockdown people are free to travel, many of your clients will be looking forward to visiting their favorite places.

It means that you will have the opportunity to plan a trip with all their favorite destinations along with commendable accommodation. Their safety is the top priority.

If that comes across in your emails, that is half the battle won. So begin creating templates that can accommodate all of those places and more. Make sure to give offers and deals on these trips. These will help you seal the deal.

Travel Offers & Deals

Take pride in testimonials from your trusted clients and use them to reach out to more

Testimonials from users can help you reach out to more customers. Testimonials are certificates given to you by your customers for a job well done. Use them wisely and include them in your email blasts.

They will help you convince new customers to try your services. These testimonials will help you make your new customers feel safe under your care.

So, make sure that you include them in your travel inspiration emails and other promotional emails. 

Testimonial Emails

Offers and deals are your safest bets

Even though things are getting back to normal and people can travel, they will not want to spend their entire savings.

Everyone likes a good deal and, deals that are curated well will tip the scales in your favor.

So, go back to the basics and curate some good deals for your customers. It is foolproof. 

A weekly digest with travel options and inspirations is a winner

Weekly digest is your chance to say everything you couldn’t in an email, so use it wisely. Update it regularly with new offers, deals, travel inspirations, and top destinations.

Include reviews of different places and highlight the prime spots in these locations. Be as creative with it as you want.

Let your weekly digests sparkle with potential and your customers will surely be impressed and tempted to take a vacation. 


In conclusion

All the tips mentioned in this article urge you to go back to basics and use them with a different plan. These are testing times.

Therefore, it is necessary to look at everything as having the potential to do more than expected.

Apply the same concept to your email marketing campaigns and, you will surely get excellent results.

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