5 Best E-commerce Email Marketing Ideas

The e-commerce industry is at its peak right now with the pandemic and the resultant lockdown. A lot of businesses have shifted from doing their business from a physical store to an online one.

Now that things are getting back to normal, these offline stores are trying to boost their business in both arenas. To give their business that necessary push, they depend extensively on email marketing. 

Email marketing has always been a leading marketing strategy among all kinds of businesses. But, given the circumstances, where everyone is trying to make up for their losses, it is essential to use newer and effective strategies.

Email marketing with all its charms needs to upgrade to cater to the current needs. It is a tough job to alter something that has been in use for decades but, it is necessary. There is no limit on modifications, but the ideas formulated right now do not match the demand.

Therefore, it might be a good idea to revisit the staples of email marketing and try and make the best of it.

In this article, we will revisit the trusted strategies or essentials but with a different perspective. 

Make your post-purchase email an invitation

Post Purchase emails are one of the essentials of e-commerce email marketing. It is irreplaceable. There is not much room to be creative with it. So, use the opportunity and make something new out of it.

Post Purchase emails inform a customer of a successful transaction. But, it can do a little more. You can use these post-purchase emails to ask your customers to visit your recently reopened physical store.

Give them an option to come and explore your store. Attach some attractive pictures of your store in all its glory. Make sure to list out all the precautions you are taking to keep the store clean.

Use the minimal space you have in post-purchase emails to present a new aspect of your business.

Glam up your cart abandonment emails

The convenience of shopping on an e-commerce website is that you do not have to move through aisles of clothes trying to find the perfect one. You can find it sitting on a sofa with your phone.

But, this should not be an incentive not to visit a physical store. Cart abandonment is a common phenomenon both in e-commerce stores and physical stores. The only difference is that in an e-commerce store, you can remind your customer about the abandoned carts.

It provides a lot of room to be creative and reach out to customers to return. Use it. Include some pictures of items from a physical store similar to the abandoned cart.

Ask them to visit your store for similar products. You have a lot of room to improvise when it comes to abandoned cart emails. Use it to promote both your e-commerce and physical store.

Replenishment emails can be great incentives to shop

During the lockdown, a lot of stores began customizing cosmetics for their customers. It was a temporary, online phenomenon that seems to have started replacing regular cosmetics.

It means that all those stores that regularly shopped are at risk for loss. But, this is not difficult to handle. All it requires is a little bit of research. Research your customer’s purchase pattern to find out their favorites. Remind them of it and offer them discounts for it.

Give them some facts about those products and remind them of their benefits. It will help you convince them.

Retaining customers depends on continuous engagement

Retaining old customers is very important. Loyal customers are assets who cannot be allowed to let go. Sending retention emails is one part of the job. The other, more important part is to send them personalized emails.

If you don’t show how much you value them, they will not want to come back. Today after the lockdown has, it has become much more necessary that e-commerce stores maintain a healthy conversation with their customers.

Now that people can go out and shop, they might not want to shop online. The onus then falls on the e-commerce store to reach out to their customers and remind them of the variety of products they offer.

It is necessary to remind them of the limits of a physical store and keep them engaged. Including a few suggestions, celebrating a milestone, offering referrals and discounts can take you a long way. But, remember, personalization is the key. 

Welcome your customer with grandeur

Welcoming a new customer to your e-commerce store after the lockdown must be your top priority. They can visit a physical store, but they visited your site.

It means that they find your service amiable. Do not let them go without expressing your gratitude. Make a statement and welcome them grandly.

Create templates that will impress them and give them a grand, warm welcome. Make their time worthwhile.

Be attentive to their preferences and offer them discounts on similar products. 

Don’t let your customers go without putting up a fight

Winning back customers who might have gone back to shopping in a physical store is a tough job. But don’t let them go without a fight.

Remind them of your service and the milestones you shared with them. They are valuable to you. Let them know that.

To conclude

Now that the new normal is being slowly replaced by the old normal, e-commerce stores need to be vigilant. Customers might want to go back to the old way of shopping. That does not mean that you let them go.

You have a lot to offer, and they need to be aware of it. Put your heart and soul and find new approaches to keep your customers close to you.

Create designs for your e-commerce stores with Optimite and use them to reach out to your customers. Become an indispensable part of the normal, old or new.

At Optimite, we know that building a strong company doesn’t happen overnight. We’re here to be your support along the way, offering our products and services to help you on your journey.

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