6 Ways To Make Sure Your Business Email Marketing Is Legal

You must know that there are various rules and regulations which have to be followed while sending a business email. Sending emails can be exciting and complicated for any marketer, but if you don’t follow any email marketing rules, it can’t make your marketing campaign successful.

Avoiding email marketing rules can make you pay highly in the future if not taken care of at the base of your business email.

These rules are followed by many countries like the US, EU, Canada, and many more.

Every marketer has to keep an eye on the rules while following the best practices like nailing subject lines or creating personalized emails. Let’s look at the most important Email marketing rules, which should be to be followed by every marketer unless you want all your efforts to go into SPAM!!


If you look at the CAN-SPAM ACT, you will find that it is only used for commercial emails and have some rules that have to be followed to adhere to. Ignoring to follow these rules can make you pay a fine of approximately $43,300 per email!!

But most of the rules which CAN-SPAM ACT lays out are a part of any best email practices. Some are listed below.

Avoid using false identifying information in your “From”, “To”, or “Reply to”

Avoid using rude words in your subject lines 🤬

Identify your business email as an Ad 🤔

Provide the correct address in your business email 🤓 

Give an option to your subscribers to opt-out 👋

These rules have to be followed irrespective of whoever is sending them. Always verify that you are maintaining and following CAN-SPAM ACT.

Did You Know? As per Statista:

SPAM still accounts for 56% of all email traffic despite international regulations!

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Permission-Based Email Marketing or Opt-in Email Marketing came into existence in 1999. In Permission-Based, you have to get direct permission from the audience before sending emails to their inbox, which can be the sign-up form, form to access a gated asset, or some other type of form.

Your task never finishes after getting personal details and email addresses, rather you have to ask permission to send business emails on their email ID with an opt-in box or unsubscribes link.

Opt-In and Opt-Out

We have discussed Opt-In and Opt-Out in the previous two points, but it is important that it has to be kept in a separate heading. Every email marketing has to opt-in to avail emails from the company and opt-out to stop receiving emails from the company. If you fail to opt-in and opt-out, your email will fall into blacklists, creating a problem in sending business emails to a new audience.

Email Advertisements

In CAN-SPAM, you must find your business email as an ad, making it clear and conspicuous. It depends on the marketers in designing it, but never fail to put a statement on your business email, which has to be obvious for your audience.

Include Your Address

Another CAN-SPAM, which you must know as business email marketing rules, any business email you send to your recipients must include a physical address. Many marketers set their address in the email footer, so it is up to you where you want to put your address in the business email.

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is known as the European data privacy law that can look into any company sending business emails to European citizens.

GDPR will make sure that all the companies who are sending business emails must protect their recipients’ information. The companies have to consent before doing any collection, processing, or using a recipient’s data.

“I Want To Do Business With A Company That Treats Emailing Me As A Privilege, Not A Transaction”

– Andrea Mignolo, Executive & Leadership Coach

Wrapping Up

There is so much to learn about business email marketing, but people fail to follow the email marketing rules that make their campaigns a failure and eventually pay a fine.

If your business emails are going into blacklists or steep fines, one day will come for any small or large business that it will fall and will never get back into operation, and brand image is hampered forever.

Avoid making mistakes, follow email marketing rules, stay up-to-date & never stop testing!

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