The Email Header And 6 Effective Ways To Design The Perfect Email Header

A lot of people concentrate on making their email header designs catchy and flashy. It is impossible to go without sending or receiving more than twenty emails from multiple people in a day. The formula here is simple. Your email is going to be one in a sea of emails. If you need them to read them, you need to make them attractive. 

A lot of people try to work on their email copy when they want to boost sales. It is one way to go about it but, the other is the email header.

So, if you are not sure what an email header is, let’s make it simple. 

An email header is what comes at the top part of an email design. Design is one thing that gives you a lot of liberty to experiment. Therefore, it is one thing that you cannot go unutilized.

“You can not educate people into buying your product.”

– Josh Earl

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Why Is The Email Header Design So Important?

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Email header consists mainly of these features or a combination of them like the name and address of the sender, the navigation tab, brand identity, and many other additional details.

Studies show that the brain responds to visual stimuli more than words and, that is why you need to concentrate on improvising your email header designs.

Email headers are the first thing your viewer will see. So if they are not impressed, it is unlikely that they will spend more time on the email.

All this might sound intimidating. But, it is all about learning and implementing a few of the trusted practices. Lucky for you, this article is going to talk about ten of them. Read on to find out more.

Make Your Brand The Highlight

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When it comes to email marketing in general and header designs in particular, the star is always your brand. So, make sure that you highlight it and make it sparkle. Keep your header design simple, pretty, and straightforward.

Ensure that your brand does not fade away behind other things. Take inspiration from the emails you receive and work around your templates to make something that screams your brand. No template fits in the email header design. So, work with it until you crack it.

Give Your Customers Offers They Cannot Refuse

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You can never go wrong with offers. They are your bread and butter when it comes to emails and email header designs. You can loop in a customer with attractive deals at the very first moment.

Many people will not even consider opening a mail if it seems irrelevant. So, introduce an offer in your email header. That will attract them. 

 Make Sure To Place Your Browsing And Menu Options Prominently

Giving your readers a link to the browser helps to get them acquainted with your site. These options present them with things that did not make it to your templates. It gives a better and enhanced browsing experience.

Furthermore, it might encourage the reader to share the content. Most importantly, it will help with issues with image loading. The menu option helps you create a minuscule version of your site that fits your email header design template.

It will encourage your readers to visit your site and boost traffic, which will increase sales. So, ensure that you include them in your templates.

Create Pleasing, Minimalistic Templates

It is not a good idea to bombard your customers with templates with an extensive color palette and multiple options in the email header design. Use a cohesive and pleasant color palette and limit the number of options to three or four.

Use colors that represent your brand and which complement your email header design. It will help you present a tailored template that is visually appealing and conveys the intended information.

Nobody likes too much pizzaz. So, make it simple and create a visual treat for your readers. Design can achieve a lot of things if not crammed with unnecessary details.

Offer Multiple Alternatives And Make Sure To Personalize Them

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A good tactic is to give your reader multiple choices. You can give them options to view something in the email or the browser or even on a youtube video. All you have to do is link them all in a segmented template. Make sure to personalize your templates too.

These email header design templates reflect your brand. So, if you want to keep it edgy, organized, or structured, it is your choice. You only have to make sure that it comes across in your templates.

The bonus with giving options to a reader is that it makes them feel powerful. It is always good to be given a choice instead of being dictated to follow something. So, keep this in mind when designing your template.

Be Creative With Your Placements

When it comes to email header design, you have a lot of room to explore and be creative. Make use of this liberty. Start by placing the header in the headline of the article or changing the placements in your templates. The only thing to keep in mind is that all these designs should reflect your brand. 


When creating email header designs, make sure that you hero your brand. At least a quarter of your email header design strategy should concentrate on promoting your brand.

Ensure that you are using catchy graphics and including multiple options in your design templates. And most importantly, personalize all your templates and make sure that you give your readers some control and make them feel powerful!

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