3 Stages of Christmas Email Campaign + Subject lines

It is the most wonderful time of year and we want to make sure you are making the most of this season when it’s the peak of the retail market. And with the impact that Covid-19 has created, eCommerce is booming and constantly rising each year!

During our busiest season, people check out Christmas email campaigns for some exciting deals, not everyone but A LOT of them actually does.

A study found that sending holiday-related emails at the right time resulted in an open rate of 15.5% in comparison to 14.2% for other emails.

For instance, Black Friday & Thanksgiving emails were more effective as they were being sent closer to their dates. Whereas, Cyber Monday, Halloween & Christmas emails were more effective when they were sent way earlier than the festivity dates.

When so many people are looking for so many gifts at the same time, the right timing and the right strategy will help you penetrate your market. Let’s get started.

Christmas Holiday Season

You’re probably wondering how to best approach your email campaign during the holidays. 

The time of year when people exchange gifts, spend quality family moments together, and generally, just enjoy each other’s company is a perfect opportunity to send your holiday email marketing campaigns.

Even though everyone is looking to buy something, a lot of eCommerce brands are already at it! SO think ahead, think unique, and most importantly for Christmas, prepare weeks before and start the first stage of your Christmas holiday campaign beforehand!

It’s less complex when we break down our Christmas holiday campaign in stages, let us begin.

3 Stages Of Christmas Email Campaign

1st Stage – The anticipation phase

A week before Christmas or a few weeks before.

The best time for your marketing campaign is the time before the holiday season. You can’t beat those cold, crisp days and nights that make you want to bundle up in a wooly blanket while binge-watching TV with friends or families.

This is the most sensitive time. Everyone is getting ready for December, slipping into the festive holiday vibe. Don’t you think it’s the primal time to send in your Christmas campaigns?

Even GoDaddy has stated that the best and most effective time to send Christmas email campaigns is the first and second week of November!

Subject Lines For The 1st Stage 

  • Don’t open until 25th December!..
  • Need delivery by Christmas? 60% OFF + 2-day Shipping
  • …. Days Until Christmas!!
  • What We Have For You Is An Early Gift!
  • Look At What We Have To Offer This Holiday Season
  • This Holiday Season Be Ready With Your Gifts
  • Before Christmas, Get Christmas! 70% OFF
  • Find The Perfect Gift For Each Loved Ones
  • There’s still time for 🎅
  • Our Holiday Style Guide! GET 50% OFF

Design Examples For The 1st Stage

Create Excitement/Early GIft


Eye-Catching Colors/Compelling Copy

Eye-Catching Colors/Compelling Copy

Gift Guides/Wishlists

Gift Guides/Wishlists

2nd Stage – The excitement phase

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & the day after Christmas.

There were 42% fewer emails opened on Christmas Eve and 72% fewer on Christmas Day.

The anticipation phase is a time of great excitement. It’s difficult yet exciting to wait, knowing something is coming to you, but what is it?

By the time you reach the second stage, you will definitely need to up your game! By this time people spend less time at home, they’re usually out and about. There won’t be much time left for users to scroll through their inboxes. One good notification & bam the job gets done.

Focus on creating the most eye-catching and alluring subject lines, don’t go overboard like a desperate girlfriend but try to add as much value to it as a mother would do.

Subject Lines For The 2nd Stage

  • Happy Christmas Eve! Open for a Christmas present
  • Get..Set..Ready! For Christmas!!
  • Take this quiz and reveal your partner’s perfect gift
  • Get It Delivered Within 24 Hours!
  • Hungover from Last night? Shop away your headache! FLAT 50% OFF
  • 7 Presents That Make Your Holidays More Productive
  • Santa Did His Magic Again, This Time 50% OFF‏
  • 3 Gift Ideas For The Last Moment
  • Is It Me Or Are You Feeling Christmassy? 🎄
  • No Time Left? Get An E-Gift Card!

Design Examples For The 2nd Stage



Discount Offers

Fast & Free Shipping

3rd Stage – ‘Make the most of what’s left phase’

A week after Christmas or a few weeks later.

Even though the Christmas holiday vibe ends by 26th December, it doesn’t mean that your campaign has to! When Christmas is over and New Year’s is approaching, now is the time to relax and chill. 

Not every eCommerce brand is also blasting consumer’s inboxes, so leverage this time by sending subject lines that work in order to stand out and make a last-minute revenue boost for your business before the year ends.

Subject Lines For The 3rd Stage

  • Need A Last-Minute Gift? + Special And Speedy Holiday Shipping 
  • Sale EXTENDED! It’s Time To Gift Your Home!
  • Continue the Christmas Spirit With Clearance Sale
  • You deserve it! Our sale ends tonight!
  • Christmas may be over, but it’s time! Go get yourself a gift! Our Holiday Sale ends on New Year’s!
  • Wrap The Old Year & Start The New One With A BANG!!!
  • Forget About Santa & His Elves, Treat Yourself!
  • Best Offers!! Grab Them Before They Run Out 
  • Last Announcement! Selective Pieces FLAT 70% OFF
  • Pamper Yourself Before This 2021 Ends!! 

Design Examples For The 3rd Stage

Extended Sale


Thank You 

Integrate Christmas & New Year

Before You Go!

Now that you’re familiar with the 3 distinct stages of Christmas Holiday email marketing. With these subject line examples and email design ideas examples, we hope you’ll be able to make yourself an effective Christmas email marketing strategy.

Many types of Christmas email design ideas such as urgency, scarcity, product promotion, etc. that can be used throughout the 3 stages. You can also use any type of holiday email design for any Christmas stage all depending upon your strategy and how uniquely you craft it. 

Lastly, make sure to integrate certain external elements such as mobile optimization, personalization, segmentation, and automation with your Christmas email campaigns to make your holiday email campaign a true success.

At Optimite, we know that building a strong company doesn’t happen overnight. We’re here to be your support along the way, offering our products and services to help you on your journey.

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