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Our mission is to make email creation fast, simple, and affordable. The way it should be.

Optimite is an Email Design and Development platform providing hundreds of businesses with high-quality emails and newsletters. Founded in Gurugram, India by two brothers, Optimite was created to deliver reliable, affordable, and scalable email templates solution to any business.

Our Story

Optimite is all about giving marketers and email marketing agencies the tools they need to succeed. We’re not only an awesome new company with a fresh take on email design, we also make sure you get more time back in your day by providing affordable yet reliable solutions for any business needs!

Optimite was created by two brothers who were tired of the same old email development services out there – so they built their own! We offer reliable, affordable, scalable email design solutions for any business in need of an extra hand with their emails or newsletters.

With Optimite as your partner in email design and development, you’ll be able to focus more on what matters most – growing your client base and making them happy! And we won’t just do all the work for you – we’ll help guide you through every step of the process too. So if you want a reliable partner who can take care of all those pesky tasks like designing & developing beautiful emails while still giving you access to our team 24/7… then contact us today!

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Meet The Team


Nishant Yadav



Sushant Yadav



Deepak Sharma

Web Developer


Manisha Khanna

Digital Marketer


Pratiksha Jain

Graphic Designer


Parul Kashyap

Graphic Designer


Ravi Kumar

Web Developer


Rajat Arya

Web Developer


Samiha Singh

Content Writer

Sunaina Singh

Graphic Designer

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