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Email Typography: Top 3 Ultimate Fonts & How to Choose the Best

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Look carefully when you are using email typography in your email marketing campaigns. You will not have realized it, but font style matters a lot, just like your message. So, we have come up with all the required tips to help you decide the best font for email.

  • What are the elements when selecting the best email typography font?
  • Email typography font families explained
  • Discover the various collection of Web Safe fonts
  • How to choose the most effective email typography font?
  • Look for the best email typography font for your brand.

No marketers will want to spend hours crafting their email copy and trying not to make it in an unreadable message or provide a poor impression on their whole brand. 

You must know that Email Typography is vital in playing an integral role when it comes to the look and feel of your email message. You can easily capture and retain your subscriber’s attention and make them read the whole message. 

You may find it difficult in choosing the right font when you have a wide range of fonts available. 

In this, we will talk about the different types of email typography fonts and give you our recommendations on selecting the right font concerning your brand image and can make your email effective. 

What are the elements to look at in email typography?

Your company’s branding:

Email typography will play an essential role in your brand image and in connecting with your subscribers when it comes to email marketing. You have to choose a font that will reflect your brand, aesthetic, and type.

For example, try to avoid novelty fonts when you have a formal and severe message. 


Your font should be clear and legible. Always look for the spacing between the letters. Your font in the message should be able to scan and fit on all the devices. 


Craft an email with fonts which are neutral and blend with all the other aspects of the email. After all, you will never let your audience go away from your calls-to-action or essential links.

Explaining the Email Typography fonts

Let’s check the 3 main email typography fonts: Web Safe fonts, Web Fonts, and Monospace fonts.

Web Safe fonts

We also know Web Safe fonts as standard fonts or cross-platform fonts. Web Safe fonts are those fonts that are used globally in all devices and email campaigns. 

Web Safe fonts can be classified as Serif or Sans-serif. ‘Serif’ implies a bit tail at the end-tip of every letter, whereas ‘sans-serif’ implies ‘without a tail’.


Accessibility: A Web Safe font is the best way for your email font to show what exactly you wanted to show. Since your font is present on your computer, it will help the email to load and function at a much faster rate. 


It leaves significantly less originality when it comes to Web Safe Font. It is being used by marketing emails and websites. 

Discover the various collection of Web Safe fonts

Choose your email fonts from the below:


  • Georgia

Georgia has been used for screen display since its origin. Sometimes it’s used for online newspapers and magazines. 

  • Times New Roman

We can find this font in printed publications like books and newspapers as it is both classical and practical. It’s suitable for academic purposes, but not for screens and it is out-dated.

  • Palatino

It is famous for its elegance and sophistication. Palatino is used for reading long passages, and so it is used in books.


  • Verdana

Verdana is the best font when we want high readability. It has been designed specifically for on-screen text. It is easy to read, simple, and useful for the on-screen purpose. 

  • Trebuchet MS

If you are using Trebuchet MS, you can get a decorative and artistic feel with its curves. It is an established Web Safe font which will be adding style to your text. 

  • Arial 

Arial is famous for its contemporary, modest, and versatile. We can find this font on any online documents or printed magazines, reports, etc. It is common and widely used in every computer font and has been overused. 

  • Arial Black

It is the bold version of the Arial font. 

  • Tahoma

It is designed mainly for screen use as it is highly versatile. We can find a high readability irrespective of the font size.

  • Comic Sans MS

The people who have the problem of dyslexia can get a benefit from this font as each letter is different from the others. It is not that attractive but using this can be joyful and playful. 

  • Lucida

It can be highly effective with each print and on-screen reports. Moreover, it is classic and sophisticated in looks. 

  • Impact

We can use Impact font for the headlines, taglines, or any short combination of words. It is not used for any long passages of text. 

Web Fonts

Web Fonts are made and licenced for a website like Google Sans and Roboto.

Web Font remains the most trusted one when used in web site design for HTML email. This means that the intended font will show in the recipient’s email when it is compatible with their email services provider.

If you know what the email provider is using as recipients, then Web Fonts will do great. If the Web Font is incompatible, they’re going to show the email provider’s default font. 


You have the freedom to choose any attractive font that will show your brand image, shows personality and adds a great brand experience. 


The main disadvantage is it can’t be used everywhere and only work correctly with certain email providers. 

Monospace fonts

Monospace fonts are known for their typewriter fonts. The letters and characters occupy a fixed horizontal space.


They can give your email a minimalistic feeling. 


Words take up extra space as a result of the fixed character dimension. It is not appropriate for long passages or blocks of text. Monospace fonts don’t show for all email providers.

How to select the most effective email typography font?

When it involves selecting the most effective font for your emails, we suggest you with two choices. 


Choose a Web Safe font which will be clear and readable. Will fit into your brand. 

It may not match your brand tone or personality, but the choice may lead you to reach close enough. Your font will show for all of your recipients.


Choose a Web Font however set a Web Safe fall-back Font.

Select a Web Font that will fit your brand perfectly but set a Web Safe Fall-back Font as your backup. This will help when your first choice of Web Font is not compatible. 

Look for the best email font for your brand

Never look-over the power of email typography when you want your message to be compelling.

It’s time to grow from what you’ve learned and opt for the best email font for your emails or transform your current font, which will fit your brand. 

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